Anisonyches Pollock, 1975

Bartels, Paul J., Fontoura, Paulo & Nelson, Diane R., 2018, Marine tardigrades of the Bahamas with the description of two new species and updated keys to the species of Anisonyches and Archechiniscus, Zootaxa 4420 (1), pp. 43-70: 58

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Anisonyches Pollock, 1975


Genus: Anisonyches Pollock, 1975  (emended by Grimaldi de Zio et al. 1987)

Generic diagnosis (emended): Echiniscoididae  with four claws on each of the first pairs of legs and three claws on the fourth pair of legs in adults. Paired basal spurs on all claws. Median cirrus present but reduced.

Type Species: Anisonyches diakidius Pollock, 1975 

Additional Species: Anisonyches deliquus Chang & Rho, 1998  ; Anisonyches mauritanius Grimaldi de Zio & D’Addabbo Gallo, 1987 

Remarks: This emendment is based on our re-examination of the holotype of A. diakidius  (below). The initial description stated that a median cirrus was absent. It is small and difficult to see, but it is present. Reduced median cirri have now been found in all species in the genus including the new one described in this paper. Because of the presence of the median cirrus and several measurements that were not included in the original description, we redescribed the holotype.