Rossimyiops achilleae (Kugler) Kugler, 2009

Cerretti, Pierfilippo, Biase, Alessio De & Freidberg, Amnon, 2009, Systematic study of the genus Rossimyiops Mesnil (Diptera: Tachinidae), Zootaxa 1984, pp. 31-56 : 37-39

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Rossimyiops achilleae (Kugler)

comb. nov.

Rossimyiops achilleae (Kugler) View in CoL comb. nov.

( Figs. 2 View FIGURES 2 – 7 –10)

Mesnilomyia achilleae Kugler, 1972: 107 View in CoL . Type locality: 'Arad ( Israel).

Type material examined. Holotype ɗ: 'Arad / Israel / 30.VI.1970 / leg. Kugler // Mesnilomyia # [sic!] / achilleae Kugler // HOLOTYPUS [ TAU]. Allotype: same data as holotype [ TAU]. Paratypes: ISRAEL – 1 ɗ, 1km South west to Jerusalem, 11.iv.1962, Avigdor; 3 ɗɗ 2 ΨΨ, 'Enot Qane [Treibe], 19.vii.1971, J. Kugler; 2 ɗɗ 1 Ψ, Be`er Sheva', 4.viii.1970, J. Kugler; 'Arad: 1 ɗ, 12.v.1970; 27 ɗɗ, 6 ΨΨ, [1 female dissected to examine genital apparatus, eggs and larvae]; 1 ɗ 4 ΨΨ, 6.vii.1970; 2 ɗɗ, 15.viii.1970; 2 ΨΨ, 6.v.1971; 8 ɗɗ 3 ΨΨ, 1.vii.1971; 1 ɗ, 1 Ψ, 19.vii.1971, all J. Kugler. 1 ɗ 1 Ψ, Shivta,, J. Kugler [all TAU].

Other material examined. ISRAEL – 2 ΨΨ, Rosh Ha'Ayin, 11.v.1982, Nussbaum [this is the only nondesert record for this species, and we think it needs confirmation]; 3 ɗɗ, 3 ΨΨ, Nahal Ye'elim, 3km E 'Arad, 30.iv.1987, A. Freidberg; Nahal Sekher: 7 ɗɗ 1 Ψ, 19.vii.1984, 1 ɗ, 9.vii.2001, F. Kaplan, A. Freidberg; 1 ɗ, 'Avedat, 19.iv.1975, A. Freidberg; 1 ɗ, 'En 'Avedat, 29.iv.1984, A. Freidberg; 15 ɗɗ 2ΨΨ, 'En 'Aqev, 8.viii.1977, A. Freidberg; 1 ɗ, 'En Ziq, 8.viii.1977, A. Freidberg; 1 ɗ, Nizzanim, 10km W,, A. Freidberg (on Haplophyllum sp. ( Rutaceae )); 1 ɗ, Ramon, 950m, 8.v.2003, A. Freidberg; 18 ɗɗ 1 Ψ, Ha'Meshar, 9.viii.1977, A. Freidberg; 1 ɗ 1 Ψ, Paran, 11.iv.1992, A. Freidberg. EGYPT [labelled: Israel] – 1 ɗ, Sinai Mts. Wadi Shag, 17.vii.1974, A. Freidberg; 1 Ψ, Sinai Mts. El-Arbain, 14.vii.1974, F. Kaplan; 6 ɗɗ, Mitle, 8.ix.1977, D. Simon; 1 Ψ, Sinai Mts. St. Katharina, 18.vii.74, A. Freidberg [all TAU].

FIGURES 8–10. Rossimyiops achilleae (Kugler) . 8. Head and scutum in dorsal view (male: Israel, Har Ramon). 9. Cerci and surstylus in left lateral view (male: Israel, Ha'Meishar), scale bar: 0.1 mm. 10. distiphallus in ventral view (male: Israel, Ha'Meishar), scale bar: 50 µ m.

Diagnosis. Body length: 2.5–3.5 mm. Ventral facial margin well visible in lateral view, anterior to vibrissal angle ( Figs. 2, 3 View FIGURES 2 – 7 ). Prementum about 4–5 times as long as its diameter ( Figs. 2, 3 View FIGURES 2 – 7 ). Presutural area of scutum (as well as postsutural area) with three wide longitudinal dark vittae (lateral pair about as wide as medial vitta, reaching the transverse suture posteriorly) (Fig. 8). Scutellum with 2 pairs of marginal setae. Halter yellow to dark brown. Petiole of r4+5 0.3–0.5 (rarely more) as long as post-angular portion of M ( Figs. 6, 7 View FIGURES 2 – 7 ). Base of R4+5 bare. Abdomen from shiny black to entirely covered with microtrichia. Male: vertex less than 0.13 times as wide as compound eye in dorsal view; wing anteriorly brownish ( Fig. 6 View FIGURES 2 – 7 ); postpedicel 1.74–2.20 times as long as pedicel; surstylus long and narrow, distally bent posteriorly in lateral view (Fig 9); cerci, in lateral view, sinuous and apically hook-like (Fig. 9); dorsal lobes of distiphallus displaced anteriorly as in Fig. 10. Female: vertex, at it narrowest point, at least 0.68 times as wide as compound eye in dorsal view; postpedicel 1.72–2.47 times as long as pedicel; parafacial, in lateral view, 0.75–1.00 times as wide as postpedicel; fronto-orbital plate entirely and evenly covered with whitish-grey reflecting microtrichia ( Fig. 5 View FIGURES 2 – 7 ); wing pattern as in Fig. 7 View FIGURES 2 – 7 ; coxae varied from light brown, to red to yellowish.

Description. See original description ( Kugler 1972).

Hosts. Unknown.

Distribution. Egypt (Sinai), Israel ( Fig. 1 View FIGURE 1 ).


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Rossimyiops achilleae (Kugler)

Cerretti, Pierfilippo, Biase, Alessio De & Freidberg, Amnon 2009

Mesnilomyia achilleae

Kugler 1972: 107
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