Wasmannia villosa Emery,

Longino, J. T. & Fernández, F., 2007, Taxonomic review of the genus Wasmannia., Advances in ant systematics (Hymenoptera: Formicidae): Homage to E. O. Wilson - 50 years of contributions. (Memoirs of the American Entomological Institute 80), pp. 271-289: 282

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Wasmannia villosa Emery


Wasmannia villosa Emery  HNS 

Wasmannia villosa Emery  HNS  , 1894: 196. Holotype queen: Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul (v. Ihering).


Emery described this single queen from Rio Grande do Sul. He distinguished it from other species by the long, abundant, appressed pilosity; robust dentiform propodeal spine; and transverse petiolar node. We have not examined this specimen, but the description sets it apart from any Wasmannia  HNS  queen with which we are familiar. However, its status as a species of Wasmannia  HNS  is not assured. It would not surprise us if it were revealed to be an attine queen or a member of some other myrmicine genus.