Cryptochironomus jokaprimus Sasa & Ogata, 1999

Yan, Chuncai, Liu, Ting, Cao, Wei, Zhao, Guangjun & Liu, Wenbin, 2018, A review of the Japanese Cryptochironomus Kieffer, 1918 (Diptera, Chironomidae), ZooKeys 771, pp. 139-155: 141

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Cryptochironomus jokaprimus Sasa & Ogata, 1999


Cryptochironomus jokaprimus Sasa & Ogata, 1999 

Cryptochironomus jokaprimus  Sasa & Ogata, 1999: 86; Sasa and Suzuki 2001: 2.

Material examined.

Japan. Holotype, ♂ (No. 321: 37), at the side of a stream discharging water (the Kurobe Municipal Sewage Treatment Plant (Kurobe Joka Center)), in urban areas of Japan, 27.viii.1996, light trap.

Diagnostic characters.

Frontal tubercles prominent, roughly conical. Tergite IX rounded at the posterior margin. Anal point concave in its median portion, and parallel-sided to the apex, apically rounded. Superior volsella narrow at base and strongly expanded distally, bearing five strong setae, inferior volsella semicircular, gonostylus with small protrusion at apex.