Lasius Fabricius

Ward, P. S., 2005, A synoptic review of the ants of California (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)., Zootaxa 936, pp. 1-68: 13

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Lasius Fabricius


Genus Lasius Fabricius  HNS 

A close relationship between Acanthomyops Mayr  HNS  and Lasius  HNS  has long been recognized (Creighton 1950a, Wilson 1955a, Wing 1968a). Recent molecular studies (Savolainen 2002, Janda et al. 2004) demonstrate that Acanthomyops  HNS  is nested phylogenetically within Lasius  HNS  . To maintain monophyly for Lasius  HNS  , Acanthomyops  HNS  cannot be treated as a separate genus. It is here returned to the status of subgenus ( stat. rev.) in Lasius  HNS  , which generates revised or new combinations in Lasius  HNS  for the following species names: arizonicus  HNS  comb. rev., bureni  HNS  comb. nov., californicus  HNS  comb. rev., claviger  HNS  comb. rev., clavigeroides  HNS  comb. rev., colei  HNS  comb. nov., coloradensis  HNS  comb. rev., creightoni  HNS  comb. nov., interjectus  HNS  comb. rev., latipes  HNS  comb. rev., mexicanus  HNS  comb. rev., murphyi  HNS  comb. rev., occidentalis  HNS  comb. rev., parvula  HNS  comb. rev., plumopilosus  HNS  comb. rev., pogonogynus  HNS  comb. rev., pubescens  HNS  comb. rev., and subglaber  HNS  comb. rev.