Scolanthus Gosse, 1853

Daly, Marymegan & Ljubenkov, John C., 2008, Edwardsiid sea anemones of California (Cnidaria: Actiniaria: Edwardsiidae), with descriptions of eight new species, Zootaxa 1860, pp. 1-27: 18-19

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Scolanthus Gosse, 1853


Scolanthus Gosse, 1853 

Edwardsiidae  with body divisible into scapus and capitulum. Proximal part of body rounded and provided with nemathybomes; nemathybomes scattered or forming several longitudinal lines on scapus. At least eight microcnemes. Tentacles typically 16 or more in adults, arranged octamerously or hexamerously, those of inner cycle shorter than those of outer cycle. Retractor muscles relatively large, well developed, diffuse to circumscript; parietal muscles distinct, symmetrical, well­developed. Cnidom: spirocysts, basitrichs, microbasic b ­ and p ­mastigophores. (From Carlgren 1949 and Manuel 1981; see comments in Daly 2002 and below.)

Type species. Scolanthus callimorphus Gosse, 1853  by monotypy ( Manuel 1981, Fautin et al. 2007).