Mytilus edulis platensis ( d'Orbigny , 1842),

Rosenfeld, Sebastian, Aldea, Cristian, Mansilla, Andres, Marambio, Johanna & Ojeda, Jaime, 2015, Richness, systematics, and distribution of molluscs associated with the macroalga Gigartinaskottsbergii in the Strait of Magellan, Chile: A biogeographic affinity study, ZooKeys 519, pp. 49-100: 71-72

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Mytilus edulis platensis ( d'Orbigny , 1842)


Taxon classification Animalia Mytiloida Mytilidae

Mytilus edulis platensis ( d'Orbigny, 1842)  Fig. 7B

Material examined.

1 spm (4 × 3 mm).


See Reid and Osorio (2000).


Regarding the current status of this species, Aldea and Rosenfeld (2011) commented that in spite of the genetic and morphological study carried out by Toro (1998), who placed this species in Mytilus edulis chilensis  , the taxonomic problem is still not resolved. The study carried out by Cárcamo et al. (2005) on specimens from the Chilean Coast was based on allozymes and compared these specimens with European specimens of Mytilus edulis  and Mytilus galloprovincialis  (Lamark, 1819). The authors concluded that the Chilean specimens should rather be considered a subspecies of Mytilus galloprovincialis  given that it is genetically closer to this species, but having particular and characteristic allele frequencies. Investigating the taxonomy and genetics of Chilean smooth-shelled Mytilus  , Borsa et al. (2012) concluded that Mytilus edulis  from the northern hemisphere is different from Mytilus edulis  from the southern hemisphere in proportion to the nuclear loci and the mitochondrial locus. For this reason they consider them as geographically isolated entities. Thus, the Chilean Blue mussles are considered to represent subspecies of Mytilus edulis  . Following the principle of priority, the authors stress that platensis  d’Orbigny, 1842 is the correct subspecific name for the southern hemisphere Mytilus edulis  , and relegate the name Mytilus chilensis  Hupé, 1854 into the synonymy of platensis  . Larrain et al. (2012) applied the Me 15-16 marker to samples from sites between 41°S and 51°S and found that the majority of the mussels corresponded to " Mytilus chilensis  ", and saw no evidence for an occurrence of Mytilus edulis  . Additionally, putative hybrids of Mytilus chilensis  × Mytilus trossulus  and Mytilus chilensis  × Mytilus galloprovincialis  were detected, and the authors stressed that other markers are needed to differentiate between the southern hemisphere Mytilus  species. Concluding it can be said the the correct taxonomic allocation for the southern-hemisphere Mytilus  species is still pending. For the time being, we here use the name platensis  d’Orbigny, 1842 as a subspecies of Mytilus edulis  for the specimens from our samples.


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