Bambusicaliscelis Chen & Zhang, 2011

Gong, Nian, Yang, Lin & Chen, Xiang-Sheng, 2018, Two new species of the bamboo-feeding genus Bambusicaliscelis Chen & Zhang, 2011 from China (Hemiptera, Fulgoromorpha, Caliscelidae), ZooKeys 776, pp. 81-89: 82

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Bambusicaliscelis Chen & Zhang, 2011


Bambusicaliscelis Chen & Zhang, 2011  Figs 1-12, 13-24

Bambusicaliscelis  Chen & Zhang, 2011: 95; Chen et al. 2014: 157.

Type species.

Bambusicaliscelis fanjingensis  Chen & Zhang, 2011, by original designation.


General color yellowish brown to blackish brown. Vertex from apex to tip of abdomen with a pale longitudinal stripe along median line. Vertex with disc slightly concave, lateral margins subparallel, width at base wider than length in middle line. Frons rather broad, widest part under level of lower margin of eyes, length in median line longer than width; lateral margins distinctly carinate, from apex to level of lower margin of eyes subparallel then gradually incurved to frontoclypeal suture; median carina present, weak; submedian carinae arising from basal margin of frons, slightly divergent then convergent apically, not reaching to frontoclypeal suture; each lateral area between submedian carina and lateral carina with two rows include 12 small pustules. Postclypeus with median carina distinct, lateral carinate obscure. Rostrum reaching posterior trochanters. Pronotum broad transversely, 3-carinate, median carina weak, length in median line slightly shorter than vertex. Mesonotum 3-carinate, median carina weak, length in median line shorter than vertex and pronotum combined. Forewing with length slightly longer than width, anterior and posterior margins subparallel, apical margin subtruncate, veins obscure. Hindwing absent. Legs with fore and middle femora and tibiae normal. Hind tibiae with one spine at middle. Spinal formula of hind leg 6 –3– 2.

Male genitalia. Anal segment short, in dorsal view with length in middle line longer than broad at widest part. Pygofer in lateral view with ventral margin distinctly longer than dorsal margin, in posterior view long oval, with opening longer than broad. Aedeagus with phallobase tubular; phallus paired, slender and long, encircled in phallobase, tapering apically. Genital style broad, with a strong finger-like process apically arising from dorsal margin, directed basally.


China (Guizhou, Yunnan, and Guangxi).

Host plant.


Checklist of species of Bambusicaliscelis  Chen & Zhang

B. dentis  Chen & Zhang, 2011; China (Guizhou).

B. fanjingensis  Chen & Zhang, 2011; China (Guizhou).

B. flavus  Chen & Gong, sp. n.; China (Yunnan).

B. guttatus  Chen & Gong, sp. n.; China (Guangxi).