Charaxes protoclea protoclea Feisthamel, 1850

Bivar-De-Sousa, António, Vasconcelos, Sasha, Mendes, Luís F., Larsen, Torben B., Baker, Jon & Guilherme, João L., 2016, Butterflies of Guinea-Bissau: VIII. New data, new reports, corrections and biodiversity (Lepidoptera: Papilionoidea), Zootaxa 4201 (1), pp. 1-77: 36

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Charaxes protoclea protoclea Feisthamel, 1850


128. Charaxes protoclea protoclea Feisthamel, 1850 

WL: 41mm. The species is known to occur in all types of forest, being absent from degraded areas. The present subspecies occurs in West Africa, from Senegal to the Dahomey Gap. Several other subspecies are described from the Afrotropical Region. The caterpillars feed on various Fabaceae  such as Afzelia  , Brachystegia  , Berlinia  , Bussea  , Cassia  and Julbernardia  .

Studied material. Quinara: Buba Tombo ( PNLC), 17- 19.07.2009, 3♂ 1♀ (BS 29143/ 29144, 29156, 29167). 

Previous references. Regions: Cacheu, Oio, Quinara, Tombali. Authors: Bivar-de-Sousa & Passos-de- Carvalho (1987), Bivar-de-Sousa et al. (1988), Larsen (2005), Bivar-de-Sousa et al. (2008a).

Probable abundance and proposed status. AB: F; CS: LC.