Platylesches galesa ( Hewitson, 1877 )

Bivar-De-Sousa, António, Vasconcelos, Sasha, Mendes, Luís F., Larsen, Torben B., Baker, Jon & Guilherme, João L., 2016, Butterflies of Guinea-Bissau: VIII. New data, new reports, corrections and biodiversity (Lepidoptera: Papilionoidea), Zootaxa 4201 (1), pp. 1-77: 57

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Platylesches galesa ( Hewitson, 1877 )


*232. Platylesches galesa ( Hewitson, 1877) 

WL 17mm. P. galesa  is a forest skipper that can also occur in savanna woodland. It ranges from Senegal to Gabon, eastwards to Uganda, Tanzania, DRC (Shaba), Zimbabwe and Mozambique, and is now reported as a faunistic novelty for Guinea-Bissau. The caterpillars are known to feed on Parinari curatellifolia  ( Chrysobalanaceae  ). Studied material. Cacheu: Caió, not frequent (JB). 

Probable abundance and proposed status. AB: R; CS: I.