Papilio nireus nireus Linnaeus, 1758

Bivar-De-Sousa, António, Vasconcelos, Sasha, Mendes, Luís F., Larsen, Torben B., Baker, Jon & Guilherme, João L., 2016, Butterflies of Guinea-Bissau: VIII. New data, new reports, corrections and biodiversity (Lepidoptera: Papilionoidea), Zootaxa 4201 (1), pp. 1-77: 9-10

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Papilio nireus nireus Linnaeus, 1758


3. Papilio nireus nireus Linnaeus, 1758 

WL: 55mm. This is a common and widespread forest species in Guinea-Bissau. Females are harder to observe, as they usually occur in the vicinity of host-plants within forest habitats. It is similar to P. sosia  , but possesses a narrower green band on the forewing and hindwing recto. The nominate subspecies is distributed throughout sub- Saharan West and Central Africa, from Senegal to Angola and Zambia; the East African subspecies is P. n. lyaeus. The caterpillars also feed on Rutaceae  .

Studied material. Cacheu: Caió, common (JB)  . Gabú: Pataque , 1♀ (JG 17) (CZ5899)  . Quinara: Buba Tombo ( PNLC), 15- 18.07.2009, 6♂ (BS 29610, 29618, 29672, 29780/29781). 

Previous references. Regions: Bafatá, Biombo, Bissau, Cacheu, Oio, Quinara, Tombali. Authors: Bacelar (1949), Bivar-de-Sousa & Passos-de-Carvalho (1987), Bivar-de-Sousa & Mendes (1999), Larsen (2005), Bivar-de- Sousa et al. (2007).

Probable abundance and proposed status. AB: VC; CS: LC.