Nola politzari Hacker, 2012

László, Gyula M. & Vetina, Alvaro A., 2019, Contribution to the knowledge of the Nolini of the Maputo Special Reserve in South Mozambique with description of two new species and several taxonomic updates (Lepidoptera, Nolidae, Nolinae), Zootaxa 4571 (2), pp. 225-246: 228

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Nola politzari Hacker, 2012


Nola politzari Hacker, 2012  

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Nola politzari Hacker, 2012   , Esperiana 17: 75. Type locality: [ Burkina Faso], Folonzo am Fluss, Comoe. Holotype male, in coll. ZSM.

Material examined: Mozambique, Maputo Special Reserve. GoogleMaps   2 ♂, 9m, Mangrove Camp, Mangrove-Woodland Mosaic   GoogleMaps , 26°19'35.9"S, 32°42'35.7"E, 7–9.XII.2016, Light Trap, Aristophanous, M., Cristovao, J., Laszlo, G., Miles, W. leg., slide No.: LGNA 329 ♂; 1 ♂, 15m, Ponta Milibangalala, Dune Grassland , 26°26’58.6”S, 32°55’29.8”E, 25–30.V.2017, MV GoogleMaps   Light Trap , Aristophanous, M., Laszlo, G., Miles, W., Vetina, A. leg.   ; 2 ♀, 22m, West Gate, Sand Forest , 26°30'14.2"S, 32°42'59.6"E, 30.V.–9. VI GoogleMaps   .2017, MV GoogleMaps   Light Trap, Aristophanous, M., Laszlo , G., Miles, W., Vetina, A. leg., slide Nos: LGNA 509   ♀, LGNA 510   ♀ (coll. ANHRT, MHNM).

Remark. The species is very similar to Nola squalida Staudinger, 1870   , and Nola afrotaeniata Hacker, 2012   , the differences between the three species, however, are well expressed in the female genitalia ( Hacker et al 2012). The concept of Hacker on the distribution of N. squalida   seems to be correct considering the species being widely distributed from the West Mediterranean, throughout the Arabian peninsula towards Central Asia and the westernmost chains of the Himalayas. In the Subsaharan Africa N. squalida   is replaced by its sister species N. afrotaeniata   and N. politzari   which are two evidently different species due to their female genitalia. The males are, however not distinguishable displaying in all three species the typical squalida   -like genitalia configuration. Thus, it can be declared, that only the female specimens of the species group can satisfactorily be identified. The female specimens collected in the Maputo Special Reserve are identical in genitalia with the holotype of N. politzari   described from Burkina Faso, thus the squalida   -like species from South Mozambique is identified here as N. politzari   , new country record for Mozambique representing the southernmost occurrence of the species known to date. Nevertheless it cannot be excluded, that N. afrotaeniata   also occurs in South Mozambique.


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Nola politzari Hacker, 2012

László, Gyula M. & Vetina, Alvaro A. 2019

Nola politzari

Hacker 2012