Tapinauchenius subcaeruleus Bauer & Antonelli, 1997

Huesser, Martin, 2018, A first phylogenetic analysis reveals a new arboreal tarantula genus from South America with description of a new species and two new species of Tapinauchenius Ausserer, 1871 (Araneae, Mygalom, ZooKeys 784, pp. 59-93: 59

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Tapinauchenius subcaeruleus Bauer & Antonelli, 1997


Tapinauchenius subcaeruleus Bauer & Antonelli, 1997 

Tapinauchenius subcaeruleus  Bauer & Antonelli, 1997: 429, f. 1-3 .


The original description by Bauer and Antonelli (1997) stated the authors intended to deposit a female holotype at SMF. However, this holotype could not be located in the collections and has never been deposited there ( Jäger, pers. comm.). As there is no holotype and the description does not allow for a precise diagnosis, and as further characterisation of the species and the provided type locality (Ecuador without specification) are too broad, it is impossible to allocate new material. Consequently, the species is herein considered a nomen dubium.