Krantz, G. W., 2018, Allogynaspis flechtmanni, a new genus and species of the subfamily Macrochelinae (Acari: Mesostigmata: Macrochelidae) from southeastern Brazil, with comments on cheliceral dentition, reproduct, Zootaxa 4455 (1), pp. 150-160: 151

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n. gen.

Allogynaspis  n. gen.

Type species Allogynaspis flechtmanni  n. sp., by monotypy.

Diagnosis. Female With general Shield, Setal, and integumental characterS Of Macrholaspis  and Nothrholaspis  except fOr the fOllOWing: DOrSal Shield abruptly narrOWed pOSteriOr tO cOxae IV, WithOut marginal crenulatiOn Or SerratiOn; With 29 pairS Of Setae (bOth J2 and J3 preSent), all Of Which may be cOnSidered pilOSe in the brOad SenSe, but WhOSe pilOSity iS nOtably rObuSt and neither SOft nOr Overly lOng; dOrSal Setae j1 Widely Separated, nOt expanded. Epigynal Shield unique fOr the family, pOSteriOr margin nOt rOunded Or truncate but inStead cOnvex medially and becOming cOncave laterally, Sharply angled anterad at the pOSterOlateral cOrnerS and attached there via membranOuS ligatureS tO StrOngly develOped acceSSOry ScleriteS. Underlying Sperm acceSS SyStem With a median unpaired rugOSe SacculuS and exceptiOnally lOng tubuli. WithOut pOStepigynal plateletS, but rather With a pair Of narrOW ScleriteS abOve integumental Setae Zv1, SOmetimeS With an additiOnal unpaired Sclerite betWeen Zv1 and anteriOr margin Of ventri-anal Shield. GnathOtectum With brOadly attached, diStally undivided lateral elementS Similar tO thOSe Seen in SOme Macrholaspis  SpecieS, but clearly lOnger than diStal median elementS, juncture Of median elementS diSplaying a SerieS Of SpineS aS Often Seen in Nothrholaspis  ( Hyatt & EmberSOn 1988), lateral elementS reduced Or abSent in earlier inStarS. Fixed cheliceral digit With a prOximal pair Of clOSely adjacent teeth, dOrSal cheliceral Seta WeaKly Serrate On brOadened diStal margin.