Strigamia pusilla (Sseliwanoff, 1884)

Nefediev, Pavel S., Farzalieva, Gyulli Sh., Tuf, Ivan H., Nedoev, Khozhiakbar Kh. & Niyazov, Saparmurad T., 2018, Millipede and centipede assemblages on the northern and southern slopes of the lowland Altais, southwestern Siberia, Russia (Diplopoda, Chilopoda), ZooKeys 741, pp. 219-254: 234

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Strigamia pusilla (Sseliwanoff, 1884)


Strigamia pusilla (Sseliwanoff, 1884)  

Strigamia pusilla   - Nefediev et al. 2017c: 13; 2017d: 223, 222: map.

Material examined

(all from Russia, southwestern Siberia, Altai Province, Charysh District, ca. 4.5 km SE of Charyshskoye Village). 1 ♂, 1 juv. (ZMUM), 1 ♂ (ASU), site 1 on N slope, soil sample 5 (0-10 cm deep), 2.06.2016; 1 ♀ (ASU), site 1 on N slope, soil sample 1 (0-10 cm deep), 23.08.2016; 1 juv. (ASU), site 2 on N slope, soil sample 1 (0-10 cm deep), 23.08.2016, all leg. P.N., Kh.N., S.N., V.S.


Central-Palearctic temperate range: widespread from Central Europe and the Caucasus, S. pusilla   is found in the Urals, SW and central Siberia and N Mongolia ( Bonato et al. 2012; Poloczek et al. 2016; Nefediev et al. 2017c, d).


In the study area, the species was found rarely and on the northern slope only.