Abcoronalis protrusus Lu & Zhang

Lu, Lin & Zhang, Yalin, 2018, Abcoronalis protrusus, a new paraboloponine genus and species (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae: Deltocephalinae: Drabescini) from Borneo, Zootaxa 4459 (2), pp. 387-394: 391

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Abcoronalis protrusus Lu & Zhang

sp. nov.

Abcoronalis protrusus Lu & Zhang  , sp. nov.

( Fig. 1View FIGURE 1, A–P; Fig. 2View FIGURE 2, A–J)

Description. Length (including tegmen). Male: 6.0mm. Female: 6.5mm.

Body yellow with greeniSh markingS on head and forewing baSe. Vertex with fore margin greeniSh. Pronotum broadly yellow along anterior margin, green poSteriorly. Scutellum yellow and with apex greeniSh. Ocelli and antennal pit yellowiSh. Face yellowiSh with anteclypeuS and margin of gena greeniSh. Forewing irregularly Smoky hyaline with Semiopaque greeniSh patch along baSal margin. DorSum of abdomen dark brown, venter dark brown in male, yellow in female except poSterior margin of Sternite VII and 3rd valvulae except at apex. Subgenital plate with baSal half brown and apical half yellowiSh.

Head with ocelli twice itS own diameter diStant from eyeS. Face with frontoclypeuS Slightly convex and anteclypeuS Straight in lateral view. Pronotum approximately equal in length to Scutellum.

Pygofer proceSSeS extended nearly to apex of Subgenital plateS, evenly curved ventrad then poSterodorSad and Somewhat broadened preapically, with pair of teeth baSally. Valve broadly triangular. Subgenital plate with Slender diStal Section longer than broad baSal Section. Style apophySiS with few indiStinct teeth on meSal margin. Aedeagal Shaft moderately Slender and parallel Sided through moSt of length in lateral view, Slightly tapered in ventral view, lateral proceSSeS extended caudolaterad, tapered, nearly aS long aS Shaft. BaSal of Shaft in lateral view with Small fin-Shaped dorSal projection.

Material examined. Holotype: male (TUA), 10.5 Mi. NW of Keningau, Sabah, Borneo, E., MalaySia, Alt. 900m, 15~ 19-VIII-1983, N. ObayaShi leg. ParatypeS: 1 male (abdomen loSt, BMNH), 2 femaleS (one damaged, one in TUA and other in BMNH), Same data aS holotype  .

Etymology. The Specific epithet “ protrusus  ” referS to the long proceSSeS on the dorSal margin of the male pygofer.