Goodenia paradoxa (R.Br.) K.A.Sheph.,

Shepherd, Kelly A., Lepschi, Brendan J., Johnson, Eden A., Gardner, Andrew G., Sessa, Emily B. & Jabaily, Rachel S., 2020, The concluding chapter: recircumscription of Goodenia (Goodeniaceae) to include four allied genera with an updated infrageneric classification, PhytoKeys 152, pp. 27-104: 27

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Goodenia paradoxa (R.Br.) K.A.Sheph.

comb. nov.

Goodenia paradoxa (R.Br.) K.A.Sheph.  comb. nov.

Velleia paradoxa  R.Br., Prodr. 580. 1810 - Lectotype (designated by Carolin, Proc. Linn. Soc. New South Wales s92(1): 45 (1967): Australia. New South Wales. Cow pasture plains, Oct. 1803, R.Brown s.n. [Bennett no. 2547] (BM 001041380 (two right-hand specimens only) [image!]; isolectotypes: BM 001041381 [image!], CANB 279053!, K 000215386 [image!],; probable isolectotypes: BM 001041379 (two left-hand specimens only) [image!], BRI AQ225859) [image!], MEL 9866 (left-hand specimens marked ‘A’ on sheet) [image!], NSW 78419 [image!], P 00698803 [image!])).