Prasmodon mikepoguei Fernandez-Triana & Whitfield, 2014

Fernandez-Triana, Jose L., Whitfield, James B., Smith, M. Alex, Braet, Yves, Hallwachs, Winnie & Janzen, Daniel H., 2014, Review of the Neotropical genus Prasmodon (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Microgastrinae), with emphasis on species from Area de Conservacion Guanacaste, northwestern Costa Rica, Journal of Hymenoptera Research 37, pp. 1-52 : 25

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Prasmodon mikepoguei Fernandez-Triana & Whitfield

sp. n.

Prasmodon mikepoguei Fernandez-Triana & Whitfield sp. n. Figs 46-51 View Figures 46–51 , 96 View Figure 96–97

Type locality.

COSTA RICA, ACG, Guanacaste Province, Sector Pitilla, Leonel, 510m, 10.99637, -85.40195.


♂ in CNC. Specimen labels: 1. DHJPAR0038222. 2. Voucher: D.H.Janzen & W.Hallwachs, DB:, Area de Conservación Guanacaste, COSTA RICA, 09-SRNP-72161.


Male. Body length 3.7-3.8 mm. Fore wing length 4.1-4.2 mm. Body color: meso- and metasoma with brown to black areas, metasoma with most of tergites 2-8 dark brown ( Figs 46, 50, 51 View Figures 46–51 ). Scape color: partially dark brown to black. Flagellomeres color: all flagellomeres brown to black ( Fig. 47 View Figures 46–51 ). Tegula and humeral complex color: tegula pale, humeral complex dark. Mesotibia color: entirely yellow. Metatibia color: posterior 0.1-0.3 dark brown to black ( Fig. 49 View Figures 46–51 ). Metatibia spurs color: yellow-orange. Metatarsus color: dark brown to black (except for anterior 0.7 or less of first metatarsomere). Fore wing color pattern: uniformly and entirely infumate (except for small hyaline area near veins (RS+M)b and 2M). Fore wing veins color: all veins dark brown. Pterostigma color: entirely dark brown. Hypostomal carina: not raised. Scutoscutellar sulcus: with 4 impressions ( Fig. 50 View Figures 46–51 ). Hind wing subbasal cell: mostly with setae ( Figs 48, 50, 51 View Figures 46–51 ). Hind tarsal claws: with pectination uniform, teeth thick and relatively evenly spaced. Shape of mediotergite 1: distinctly narrowing posteriorly, width at posterior margin clearly less than width at anterior margin and median width ( Fig. 51 View Figures 46–51 ).

Female. Unknown.

Molecular data.

Sequences in BOLD: 4, barcode compliant sequences: 4 ( Fig. 105 View Figure 105 ).

Biology and ecology.

Hosts: Elachistidae , Chlamydastis tryphon , Antaeotricha BioLep42, Antaeotricha Janzen07.


Costa Rica, ACG rain forest.


This species is named in honour of Mike Pogue of the SEL/USDA laboratory in the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C, in recognition of his decades of taxonomic knowledge and support contributing to understanding the species-level and higher taxonomy of the Notodontidae and Noctuidae of ACG, INBio and Costa Rica, as well as other parts of the world.