Acumontia rostrata Pocock, 1902, Pocock, 1902

Mendes, Amanda C. & Kury, Adriano B., 2012, Notes on the systematics of the Triaenonychinae from Madagascar with description of a new species of Acumontia Loman (Opiliones: Laniatores), Zootaxa 3593, pp. 40-58: 48

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Acumontia rostrata Pocock, 1902


Acumontia rostrata Pocock, 1902  

( Figs. 5 View FIGURE 5 A–B, 13)

Acumontia rostrata Pocock 1902: 405   , fig. 82 A (part, 3 only); Pocock 1903: 441, pl. 11, figs. 2 – 2 a (penis); Staręga 1992: 281. Triacumontia rostrata: Roewer 1915: 123   , fig. 32; Roewer 1923: 613, fig. 768; Lawrence 1959: 44.

Type data. 3 holotype, ( BMNH, examined), from MADAGASCAR, [FIANARANTSOA], Ambohimitombo, Tanala district.

Notes. Pocock (1902) originally described and illustrated males and females (with metatarsal notch!) of this species. The females resulted to be males of A. echinata   , while the males were conserved in A. rostrata ( Pocock 1903)   . Pocock (1903) also mentioned that the males did not have a metatarsal notch and provided a [too] schematic illustration of the penis. Roewer (1915; 1923) transferred this species to Triacumontia   and repeated Pocock’s illustration of the male lateral habitus. Lawrence (1959) did not bring any new information, while Staręga (1992) brought it back to Acumontia   .

Diagnosis. Differs from A. alluaudi   , A. armata   , A. capitata   , A. cowani   , A. echinata   , A. flavispina   and A. majori   by spines of anterior margin with size similar to the processes of cheliceral sockets. Differs from A. soerenseni   by two spines on lateral side of anterior margin instead of one. Differs from A. cowani   by having the two pairs of spines of areas II–III with size comparable to the armature of ocularium. Differs from A.majori   and A. roberti   by the spines of area III widely separated at base and divergent from each other. Differs from A. pococki   and A. roeweri   by the large spines on free tergites. Differs from A nigra   , A. spinifrons   and A. venator   by median pair of spines on free tergite I. Differs from A. alluaudi   , A. capitata   , A. cowani   , A. flavispina   , A. hispida   , A. horrida   , A. hystrix   , A. longipes   , A. milloti   , A. remyi   and A. succinea   sp. nov. by the shape of the two ventro-basal apophyses of the femur of pedipalps blunt instead of spiniform. Differs from A. alluaudi   , A. flavispina   , A. hispida   , A. horrida   and A. succinea   sp. nov. by having five tarsomeres in tarsus I of male. Very similar to A. roberti   , differing by the trochanter of pedipalp dorsally unarmed, and by the small tubercles on the anterior margin of carapace.














Acumontia rostrata Pocock, 1902

Mendes, Amanda C. & Kury, Adriano B. 2012

Acumontia rostrata

Starega 1992: 281
Lawrence 1959: 44
Roewer 1923: 613
Roewer 1915: 123
Pocock 1903: 441
Pocock 1902: 405