Heok Hee Ng, 2004, Kryptopterus platypogon, a new silurid catfish (Teleostei: Siluridae) from Borneo., Zootaxa 398, pp. 1-8: 1-2

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[[ Genus Kryptopterus  ZBK  ]]

Members of the silurid catfish genus Kryptopterus Bleeker  ZBK  , 1858 are small-to medium-sized fishes found in inland waters throughout Southeast Asia. In recent years, it has been generally acknowledged that Kryptopterus  ZBK  is a paraphyletic assemblage consisting of at least two distinct clades (Bornbusch, 1995). Recent changes in the taxonomy of the group reflect this paraphyly, in which the large species with elevated (14-17 vs. 8-13) branchiostegal-ray counts and reduced barbels are reassigned to the genus Micronema  (e.g. Rainboth, 1996; Kottelat, 2001). One of the species tentatively retained in Kryptopterus  ZBK  , K. hexapterus  , is relatively rare in collections and is a medium-sized silurid easily distinguished by the absence of a dorsal fin, strongly projecting lower jaw, and a highly-arched dorsal profile with a distinct nuchal concavity.

During an ichthyological survey of the Rajang River in northern Borneo, a series of K. hexapterus  were obtained, among which included an unusual specimen with larger eye and longer, flatter barbels. Closer examination revealed this specimen to belong to an undescribed species, which is described herein as Kryptopterus platypogon  ZBK  , new species.