Athaumaspis bifurcatus (Liu, Zhou & Bi, 2010)

Wang, Hanqiang, Liu, Xianwei & Li, Kai, 2014, A synoptic review of the genus Thaumaspis Bolivar (Orthoptera, Tettigoniidae, Meconematinae) with the description of a new genus and four new species, ZooKeys 443, pp. 11-33: 16

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Athaumaspis bifurcatus (Liu, Zhou & Bi, 2010)

comb. n.

Taxon classification Animalia Orthoptera Tettigoniidae

9. Athaumaspis bifurcatus (Liu, Zhou & Bi, 2010)  comb. n. Figs 35-36

Thaumaspis bifurcata  : Liu et al. 2010: 81.


Posterior margin of male 10th abdominal tergite with a small branched process, male cercus stout and bifurcated, superior ramus clubbed, inferior ramus with an inner triangular lobe at proximal part.


Body yellowish green. Eyes and spines of hind tibiae blackish, genicular lobes of all femora each with a blackish spot.

Material examined.

Holotype♂, paratype1♂, Daitianping, Fengyangshan National Nature Reserve, Zhejiang, Alt. 1200m, 2008.X.20, coll. S.L. Liu.


(length in mm) Body, ♀6,5; pronotum, ♀3.5; tegmina, ♀2.0; hind femora, ♀6.5.


The cerci of this species are stouter and quite different from previous 2 species of this genus which makes it easy to tell them apart, meanwhile the species meets the diagnosis of Athaumaspis  in hypognathous head and bifurcated posterior marginal process of abdominal tergite 10. According to the features of male here we treat this species as an Athaumaspis  . The specific epithet of this species originally was feminine, primarily based on Gorochov (1993), but according to type species of Thaumaspis  the genus is masculine and ‘bifurcata’ should be ‘bifurcatus’, The same apply for Athaumaspis  and Pseudothaumaspis  .


China (Zhejiang).