Pseudochromis sankeyi Lubbock

Gill, Anthony C. & Zajonz, Uwe, 2011, Pseudochromine and pseudoplesiopine dottyback fishes from the Socotra Archipelago, Indian Ocean, with descriptions of two new species of Pseudochromis Rüppell (Perciformes: Pseudochromidae), Zootaxa 3106, pp. 1-23: 14

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Pseudochromis sankeyi Lubbock


Pseudochromis sankeyi Lubbock 

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Pseudochromis sankeyi Lubbock, 1975: 145  , pl. 2, fig. d (type locality: Massawa, Ethiopia, Red Sea); Gill, 2004: 169, fig. 42, pl. 11 I (description, synonymy, distribution, colour photo).

Gill (2004) recorded P. sankeyi  from the southern Red Sea, Golfe de Tadjoura ( Djibouti) and Yemeni coast of the northern Gulf of Aden. We record it from the Socotra Archipelago on the basis of six specimens from Socotra Island. The specimens agree well with those from other localities.

Pseudochromis sankeyi  was visually recorded from four additional sites in 1999-2000, including two records from Abd al-Kuri Island (including the rock islets of Kal Farun north of it). The species thus appears to occur throughout the entire archipelago, although it has not been recorded from Darsa and Semha, which are situated between Socotra and Abd al-Kuri. The species was rarely observed, despite its conspicuous colour pattern and ready visual identification. It was also rarely observed during subsequent surveys in 2009-2011 by H. Pulch, T. Alpermann and U. Zajonz. It was mainly recorded from the north coasts from hard coral communities including those dominated by Millepora  and Porites  , and encrusting and massive Agariciidae  , Pectiniidae  , and Mussidae  , as well as from mixed communities of macroalgae and hard corals on rock platform and mixed encrusting communities on exposed rock platform, and a near vertical rocky drop off. Its depth range on Socotra (5–42 m) is wider than that of most other species.

Material examined. SMF 29215View Materials, 4: 43.2–62.1 mm SL, Socotra Archipelago, Socotra Island, Ditimri, W of Rhiy di-Adho, 12 o 37 ' 21 "N 54 o 17 ' 17 "E, reef slope with rich coral diversity on rock (biotope code 6.9.1), 15–20 m, U. Zajonz & M. Apel 3 April 1999 (ST- 148); SMF 29238View Materials, 2: 39.1 –54.0 mm SL, Socotra Archipelago, NE coast of Socotra Island, Roosh Protected Area, 12 ° 37 ’ 13 ”N 54 ° 21 ’ 14 ”E, biotope code 6.6 .2, 15– 18 m, U. Zajonz & M. Ismail, 14 April 2000 (ST- 733); SMF 29214View Materials, 9: 30.6–50.6 mm SL, Socotra Archipelago, NE coast of Socotra Island, Roosh-Siqarah Protected Area, 12 ° 37 ’ 14 ” N 54 ° 21 ’05” E, biotope code S6.4.1, 11–17 m, U. Zajonz, 25 March 1999 (ST- 106); SMF 29236View Materials, 1: 40.0 mm SL, Socotra Archipelago, N coast of Socotra Island, deep bedrock canyon with vertical drop-off near Ditimri, 35–42 m, U. Zajonz, 11 April 2000 (ST- 730).


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Pseudochromis sankeyi Lubbock

Gill, Anthony C. & Zajonz, Uwe 2011

Pseudochromis sankeyi

Lubbock 1975: 145