Zethus angulatus Nguyen & Carpenter, 2016

Wang, Hua-Chuan, Chen, Bin & Li, Ting-Jing, 2019, Three new species of the genus Zethus Fabricius, 1804 (Hymenoptera, Vespidae, Eumeninae) from China, with an updated key to the Oriental species, Journal of Hymenoptera Research 71, pp. 209-224 : 217-219

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Zethus angulatus Nguyen & Carpenter, 2016

new record

Zethus angulatus Nguyen & Carpenter, 2016 View in CoL new record

Figs 36-44 View Figures 36–45

Zethus angulatus Nguyen & Carpenter, 2016: 27.

Material examined.

1♀: CHINA, Guangxi, Guiling City, Xingan County, Gaozhai Village , 25°50.901'N, 110°28.976'E, 19.VII.2015, Tingjing Li leg. (CQNU) GoogleMaps ; 1♀: CHINA, Guangxi, Hechi City, Huanjiang County, Chuanshan Town , Linglang Village , 25°1.385'N, 108°5.761'E, 22.VII.2018, Qian Han et al. leg. (CQNU) GoogleMaps ; 1♂: CHINA, Guangdong, Shaoguan City, Shixing County, CheBaLing National Nature Reserve , 24°43.503'N, 114°15.658'E, 22.VII.2018, Chengqiang Wang leg. (CQNU) GoogleMaps .


Female ( Fig. 36 View Figures 36–45 ): black, with the following parts yellow: spot on near dorso-inner margin of antennal socket and lateral carina of T1. Clypeus emarginated at basal and apical margin, clypeus punctate-reticulate and with long setae ( Fig. 37 View Figures 36–45 ); A12 bullet-shaped ( Fig. 39 View Figures 36–45 ); notaulix complete, punctures on mesoscutum gradually shallow from the anterior to posterior portion ( Fig. 40 View Figures 36–45 ); scutellum with punctures and middle longitudinal furrow; metapleuron with transverse striae; propodeum with lateral carina ( Fig. 41 View Figures 36–45 ) and transverse striae along median carina ( Fig. 42 View Figures 36–45 ), its lateral surface with large punctures in upper half ( Fig. 41 View Figures 36–45 ). T1 about 3 × as long as wide in dorsal view, slightly narrow toward apical margin, T1 with coarse and deep punctures ( Fig. 43 View Figures 36–45 ); BS of S1 with longitudinal carina ( Fig. 44 View Figures 36–45 ), T2 with apical lamella, punctures on the near base of T2 denser and larger than other portion of tergum ( Fig. 43 View Figures 36–45 ); S2 with short apical lamella and obtuse angle in lateral view ( Fig. 43 View Figures 36–45 ); punctures on T3 and S3 dense and deep, T3 with thick apical lamella.

Male: structure as in female, but differing as follows: longitudinal pale yellow stripe on mandible, apical margin of clypeus deeply emarginated with the emargination forming a semicircle, A13 elongate, slightly curved ( Fig. 38 View Figures 36–45 ), propodeum with strong and oblique striae along median carina.


China: Guangdong and Guangxi (new record); Vietnam.








Zethus angulatus Nguyen & Carpenter, 2016

Wang, Hua-Chuan, Chen, Bin & Li, Ting-Jing 2019

Zethus angulatus

Wang & Chen & Li 2019
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