Platyspathius (Lenticularia), van Achterberg, 2003

Belokobylskij, Sergey A. & Zaldívar-Riverón, Alejandro, 2021, Reclassification of the doryctine tribe Rhaconotini (Hymenoptera, Braconidae), European Journal of Taxonomy 741, pp. 1-168 : 97-98

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Platyspathius (Lenticularia)


Subgenus Lenticularia van Achterberg, 2003  

Platyspathius (Lenticularia) van Achterberg, 2003: 283   .

Platyspathius (Lenticularia)   – Yu et al. 2016.

Type species

Doryctes lenticularis Granger, 1949   , by monotypy and original designation ( van Achterberg 2003).

Description ( Figs 36–37 View Fig View Fig )

HEAD. Head weakly depressed and weakly transverse. Vertex entirely densely and distinctly transverse striate. Ocelli arranged in almost equilateral triangle. Eyes glabrous. Occipital carina dorsally complete, obliterate below and not joining ventrally with hypostomal carina. Malar suture rather distinct and complete. Hypoclypeal depression medium size, round. Postgenal bridge narrow. Scapus wide and long. First flagellar segment subcylindrical, almost straight, longer than second segment.

MESOSOMA. Mesosoma weakly depressed and long. Neck of prothorax long; pronotum dorsally distinctly convex with submedian shallow cavity, with rather distinct carina situated in anterior 0.3 of pronotum. Mesonotum highly and perpendicularly and later roundly elevated above pronotum, densely and distinctly granulate. Median lobe of mesonotum highly hump-shaped (lateral view), without median longitudinal furrow, without anterolateral corners. Notauli incomplete, deep anteriorly and shallow posteriorly. Prescutellar depression long, with distinct median carina. Scutellum distinctly convex, with distinct lateral carinae. Metanotum without tooth (lateral view). Sternaulus (precoxal sulcus) distinct, running along entire lower length of mesopleuron. Propodeum without areas and carinae; lateral tubercles absent.

WINGS.Wings not shortened. Pterostigma of fore wing rather narrow and long. Radial vein (r) arising from middle of pterostigma. Radial (marginal) cell not shortened. Both radiomedial veins (2-SR, r-m) present. Second radiomedial (submarginal) cell very long, wide, distinctly widened towards apex. Recurrent vein (m-cu) postfurcal. Recurrent (m-cu) and basal (1-M) veins distinctly divergent posteriorly. Nervulus (cu-a) postfurcal, subvertical. Brachial (subdiscal) cell wide, narrowed apically, gently curvedly closed postero-apically on level of recurrent vein (m-cu). Parallel vein (CU1a) almost interstitial. In hind wing, first abscissa of mediocubital vein (M+CU) 0.6 times as long as second abscissa (1-M).

LEGS. Middle tarsal segments shortened. Hind coxa long and narrow, with distinct basoventral corner and distinct tubercle. Hind femur rather narrow, elongate-oval. Hind tibia thickened. Hind basitarsus 0.75 times as long as second-fifth segments combined.

METASOMA. First tergite semi-petiolate, long, rather narrow, but distinctly widened towards apex; acrosternite of first segment about 0.25 times as long as first tergite. Second tergite without basal and apical area and without furrows. Second suture very shallow, narrow, complete and weakly sinuate. Third tergite without transverse depression or furrow. Present all visible dorsally tergites, fifth and sixth tergites short. Setae on fourth to sixth tergites rather widely distributed laterally and absent medially. Ovipositor sheath about as long as metasoma.


The subgenus Lenticularia   differs from Platyspathius   s. str. by the following characters: 1) vertex entirely densely and distinctly transverse striate; 2) malar suture rather distinct and complete; 3) median lobe of mesonotum highly hump-shaped; 4) second radiomedial (submarginal) cell considerably long, wide, and distinctly widened towards apex.


Platyspathius (Lenticularia) lenticularis ( Granger, 1949)   .


Afrotropical region.














Platyspathius (Lenticularia)

Belokobylskij, Sergey A. & Zaldívar-Riverón, Alejandro 2021

Platyspathius (Lenticularia)

van Achterberg C. 2003: 283