Pribumia Huber

Huber, Bernhard A., Eberle, Jonas & Dimitrov, Dimitar, 2018, The phylogeny of pholcid spiders: a critical evaluation of relationships suggested by molecular data (Araneae, Pholcidae), ZooKeys 789, pp. 51-101: 83

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Pribumia Huber

gen. n.

Pribumia Huber  gen. n.

Pholcus minang  group: Huber 2011a: 144.

Type species.

Pholcus singalang  Huber, 2011.


The name is derived from Pribumi, a name for native Indonesians. Gender feminine.


(adapted from Huber 2011a). Distinguished from other genera in Pholcinae  by the combination of the following characters: elongate abdomen, six eyes, eye triads on stalks, male chelicerae with proximal and distal apophyses, distal apophyses ‘divided’ (consisting of two parts; Huber 2011a: figs. 640, 664), male palpal femur proximo-ventrally enlarged ( Huber 2011a: figs. 628, 650), bulb with uncus, with complex sclerotized embolus, without appendix, epigynum weakly sclerotized, with small ‘knob’.


Malay Peninsula and Sumatra ( Huber 2011a: fig. 626; note that Pholcus tahai  in that figure is now in Apokayana  ).


The Pholcus minang  group originally included seven species. Of these, Pholcus tahai  is now in Apokayana  (see above); the six others are newly transferred from Pholcus  : P. minang  (Huber, 2011); P. singalang  (Huber, 2011); P. hurau  (Huber, 2011); P. bohorok  (Huber, 2011); P. atrigularis  (Simon, 1901); assigned tentatively: P. diopsis  (Simon, 1901).