Cameraria cretaceella (Braun, 1925)

Eiseman, Charles S. & Davis, Donald R., 2020, Wrong side of the leaf: assigning some Lithocolletinae species (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae) to their proper genera, Zootaxa 4751 (2), pp. 201-237: 206-209

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Cameraria cretaceella (Braun, 1925)

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Cameraria cretaceella (Braun, 1925)  , new combination ( Figs. 15–24View FIGURES 15–16View FIGURES 17–19View FIGURES 20–22View FIGURES 23–24)

Lithocolletis cretaceella Braun 1925a: 148  .

Phyllonorycter cretaceella (Braun)  — Davis 1983: 10.

Leaf mine. A flat, upper-surface blotch ( Fig. 15View FIGURES 15–16).

Generic placement. Braun (1925a) noted that “this species is very different from all other described species of the flat-larval group in the preponderance of white on the wings” ( Figs. 16View FIGURES 15–16, 22–24View FIGURES 20–22View FIGURES 23–24), clearly indicating that it belongs in Cameraria  . The leaf mine ( Fig. 15View FIGURES 15–16) is typical of this genus; the white markings on the forewings are dark-margined externally ( Figs. 16View FIGURES 15–16, 22View FIGURES 20–22); and the apex of the tegumen bears the diagnostic pair of setae ( Fig. 17View FIGURES 17–19). Sternum VIII is entire rather than bifid caudally, but the latter character is not present in all Cameraria  species.

Host. Fagaceae  : Quercus hypoleucoides A. Camus. 

Distribution. USA: AZ, NM.

Review. The single type ( Fig. 22View FIGURES 20–22) was “reared from a blotch mine on the upper side of a leaf of oak, Quercus hypoleuca, White House Canyon, Santa Rita Mountains  , Arizona ” ( Braun 1925a). Quercus hypoleuca Engelm.  is a synonym of Q. hypoleucoides  .

DRD reared 23 adults of Cameraria cretaceella  from mines on Quercus hypoleucoides  collected on 22 July 1989 in the Gila National Forest, Catron Co., New Mexico. Adults emerged from 22 July to 11 August. The male and female genitalia figured herein ( Figs. 17–21View FIGURES 17–19View FIGURES 20–22) are from those specimens. CSE also reared seven adults of C. cre- taceella from mines on Q. hypoleucoides  collected from 2 to 14 March 2017 at Cave Creek Canyon (Cochise Co.), Madera Canyon, and Ramsey Canyon, Arizona ( Figs. 15View FIGURES 15–16, 24View FIGURES 23–24). They emerged from 24 March to 5 April, earlier than Braun’s (1925a) emergence date of 12 April.

Comments. No other gracillariid has been reared from Quercus hypoleucoides  , although we have found uppersurface linear-blotch mines of an undetermined Acrocercops  on this host at Madera Canyon.All of our collections of Cameraria  mines from other Arizona oaks ( Q. arizonica Sarg.  , Q. emoryi Torr.  , Q. oblongifolia Torr.  ) have yielded other, predominantly brown species.














Cameraria cretaceella (Braun, 1925)

Eiseman, Charles S. & Davis, Donald R. 2020

Lithocolletis cretaceella

Braun, A. F. 1925: 148

Phyllonorycter cretaceella (Braun)

Davis, D. R. 1983: 10