Eiseman, Charles S. & Davis, Donald R., 2020, Wrong side of the leaf: assigning some Lithocolletinae species (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae) to their proper genera, Zootaxa 4751 (2), pp. 201-237: 232

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Phyllonorycter  sp.

( Figs. 74–79View FIGURES 74–79)

Leaf mine. Larvae ultimately form underside  tentiform mines typical of Phyllonorycter  , but some mines are initiated on the upper surface before switching to the lower surface, while others apparently are initiated on the lower surface ( Figs. 74–77View FIGURES 74–79).

Host. Caprifoliaceae  : Lonicera subspicata Hook. & Arn. var. denudata Rehder. 

Distribution. USA: CA.

Comments. CSE reared three specimens of this undetermined species from leaf mines on Lonicera subspicata var. denudata  collected in California ( Barrel Spring , San Diego Co.) on 12 March 2017. The adults ( Figs. 78–79View FIGURES 74–79) emerged from 9 to 24 April, with the pupa being thrust through the upper epidermis in at least two of the three mines  .

These California moths may represent an undescribed species, but we are unable to make a definite decision about this until the Caprifoliaceae-feeding Phyllonorycter  species can be revised.