Clark, J., 1930, New Formicidae, with notes on some little-known species., Proceedings of the Royal Society of Victoria 43, pp. 2-25: 8

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gen. nov.

Genus Eubothroponera  HNS  gen. nov.

Worker.-Monomorphic. Mandibles triangular, edentate, Maxillary palpi with four, labial palpi two segments. Eyes large and convex. No ocelli. Frontal carinae represented as small fiat, horizontal plates, or lobes, overhanging the antennal insertions, not, or hardly, defined behind, widely separated. In profile the head forms an even convexity from the anterior border of the clypeus to the occipital border. Clypeus broad and convex, level with the top of the carinae. Antennae with twelve segments, scapes pass the occipital border. Suture between the pronotum and mesonotum strongly impressed. Mesoepinotum without traces of a suture. Node massive, broader than long, with a long tooth in front below. First and second segments of the gaster separated by a strong constriction. Legs long and slender, the anterior pair each with one spur, the middle and posterior pair each with two spurs, claws small and simple. Male and female unknown. Genotype Eubothroponera dentinodis  HNS  , n. sp. Near Bothroponera  HNS  . Distinguished by its small size, large eyes and differently shaped epinotum.