Jaydia smithi Kotthaus, 1970,

Bogorodsky, Sergey V., Alpermann, Tilman J., Mal, Ahmad O. & Gabr, Mohamed H., 2014, Survey of demersal fishes from southern Saudi Arabia, with five new records for the Red Sea, Zootaxa 3852 (4), pp. 401-437: 420-421

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Jaydia smithi Kotthaus, 1970


Jaydia smithi Kotthaus, 1970 

( Fig. 8View FIGURE 8)

Material examined. SMF 35010View Materials (5: 6.3–7.7 cm); SMF 35013View Materials (2: 8.0– 8.2 cm); KAUMM 61 (4: 6.1 –7.0 cm); KAUMM 62 (2: 6.5–8.1 cm); KAUMM 64 (1: 7.3 cm).

Remarks. Gon & Randall (2003) reviewed the cardinalfishes of the Red Sea and examined 14 specimens of Jaydia smithi  , however, they did not show the color pattern of the species when freshly collected. Here we present a photo of a fresh specimen that agrees well with the description of specimens given in Gon & Randall (2003) for comparison with the two other Red Sea species of the genus, J. novaeguineae  and J. queketti  .


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