Heterospilus alajuelus Marsh

Marsh, Paul M., Wild, Alexander L. & Whitfield, James B., 2013, The Doryctinae (Braconidae) of Costa Rica: genera and species of the tribe Heterospilini, ZooKeys 347, pp. 1-474: 32-33

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Heterospilus alajuelus Marsh

sp. n.

Heterospilus alajuelus Marsh  sp. n. Figure 12


Body size: 3.0-4.0 mm. Color: head yellow to light brown; scape yellow without lateral brown stripe, flagellum brown with apical 3-5 flagellomeres white; mesosoma dark brown with mesoscutum and venter usually yellow or honey yellow; legs yellow; wing veins including stigma brown; metasomal tergum 1 dark brown, tergum 2 brown laterally, yellow medially and apically; tergum 3 brown, yellow basally, terga 4-6 yellow, brown at basal edge. Head: vertex transversely costate; frons transversely costate; face smooth, occasionally weakly striate below eyes; temple in dorsal view somewhat broad but sloping behind eye, width equal to 1/2 eye width; malar space greater than 1/4 eye height; ocell-ocular distance about 2.5 times diameter of lateral ocellus; 22-27 flagellomeres. Mesosoma: mesoscutal lobes granu late; notauli scrobiculate, meeting posteriorly in triangular rugose area; scutellum smooth; prescutellar furrow with 3-5 cross carinae; mesopleuron smooth, occasionally costate dorsally or entirely; precoxal sulcus scrobiculate, shorter than mesopleuron; venter smooth; propodeum with basal median areas margined, smooth, basal median carina present, areola margined, areolar area broadly rugose or areolate, lateral areas entirely rugose. Wings: fore wing vein r shorter than vein 3RSa, vein 1cu-a beyond vein 1M; hind wing vein SC+R present, vein M+CU shorter than vein 1M. Metasoma: first tergum longitudinally costate, length greater than apical width; second tergum longitudinally costate; anterior transverse groove weak, sometimes absent, straight; posterior transverse groove weak or sometimes absent; third tergum costate basally, smooth apically; terga 4-7 smooth; ovipositor longer than metasoma.

Holotype female.

Top label (white, printed) - Costa Rica: Alajuela [;] 5km W San Ramon [;] 1200m, iv.1997 [;] O.Castro & P.Hanson; second label (red, partially printed and hand written) - HOLOTYPE [;] Heterospilus [;] alajuelus [;] P. Marsh. Deposited in ESUW.


1 ♀, same data as holotype (ESUW). 1 ♀, Costa Rica: Alajuela [;] R. B. A. Brenes [;] San Ramon, 900m [;] ii-iii.2000, P. Hanson (ESUW). 1 ♀, Costa Rica: Guanacaste Prov. [;] Guanacaste Conservation Area [;] below Cacao, 400-600m el. [;] 3 March 1990, J.S. Noyes (ESUW). 1 ♀, Costa Rica: Limon [;] 30km N Carari, 100m [;] Sector Cocori, Malaise [;] iii.1995, E. Rojas #4524 [;] L.N. 286000-567500 (ESUW). 1 ♀, Costa Rica: Puntarenas [;] San Vito, Estac. Biol. [;] Las Alturas, 1500m [;] v.1992, Forest border, [;] Malaise, Paul Hanson (ESUW). 1 ♀, COSTA RICA, Puntarenas [;] Monteverde, 1400m [;] 30-IV-89 Col. Hanson (ESUW). 2 ♀♀, Est. Cacao,1000-1400m, [;] Lado SO Vol. Cacao, [;] P.N.G., Prov. Guan. [;] COSTA RICA, C. [;] Chaves, Abr 1991. [;] L-N-323300,375700 (INBC).


The smooth face, smooth mesopleuron and white tip of the flagellum are distinctive for this species.


The specific name is from the type locality located in Alajuela Province.