Parandanus Linnavuori & DeLong

Duan, Yani, Dietrich, Christopher H., Webb, Micael D. & Zhang, Yalin, 2016, Review of the South American leafhopper genus Parandanus (Hemiptera, Cicadellidae, Deltocephalinae), ZooKeys 562, pp. 73-83 : 74-75

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Parandanus Linnavuori & DeLong


Taxon classification Animalia Hemiptera Cicadellidae

Parandanus Linnavuori & DeLong

Parandanus Linnavuori & DeLong, 1976: 34. Type species: Parandanus ornatus Linnavuori & DeLong, 1976.


Overall coloration pale yellow with orange to dark brown markings. Frontoclypeus with pale median longitudinal stripe and indistinct pale lateral arcs. Pronotum with six longitudinal bands. Scutellum with basal triangles and a medial stripe, orange to sordid brown. Forewing veins pale, bordered with fuscous. Mesosternum dark brown. Femora and tibiae with fuscous marks.

Body elongate. Head narrower than pronotum. Crown not or only slightly produced, rounded to face; ocelli next to eyes on anterior margin. Face relatively flat, similar in width to length; frontoclypeus relatively narrow; clypeal sulcus absent; anteclypeus nearly parallel-sided, extended to ventral margin of face; genae broad, insinuated near eyes. Forewing long and narrow, appendix distinct, with four apical and three anteapical cells, inner anteapical cell open basally. Anal tube membranous.

Male genitalia.

Pygofer without processes, with numerous macrosetae in posterior region. Subgenital plate elongate triangular, with few stout to many more slender macrosetae laterally. Style with articulating arm short to very long; apophysis short to long. Connective fused to aedeagus, arms close to each other. Aedeagal shaft slender with pair of basal or subbasal elongate appendages extended posteroventrally along shaft; gonopore apical on dorsal surface.


Bolivia, Peru.

Checklist of species of Parandanus

Parandanus cruciatus Linnavuori & DeLong, 1979. Bolivia.

Parandanus hilaris Linnavuori & DeLong, 1976. Peru.

Parandanus longistylus Duan, sp. n. Peru.

Parandanus nigricephalus Duan, sp. n. Peru.

Parandanus ornatus Linnavuori & DeLong, 1976. Peru.

Parandanus paracruciatus Duan, sp. n. Peru.

Key to species of Parandanus (males)