Deltochilum (Calhyboma) mexicanum Burmeister, 1848

Chamorro, William, Marin-Armijos, Diego, senjo, Angelico & Vaz-De-Mello, Fernando Z., 2019, Scarabaeinae dung beetles from Ecuador: a catalog, nomenclatural acts, and distribution records, ZooKeys 826, pp. 1-343 : 86

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Deltochilum (Calhyboma) mexicanum Burmeister, 1848


Deltochilum (Calhyboma) mexicanum Burmeister, 1848 Plate 20C

Deltochilum mexicanum Burmeister, 1848: 135 (original description. Type locality: Mexico).

Deltochilum mexicanum : Gemminger and Harold 1869: 996 (list of species, distribution); Bates 1887: 37 (cited for Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama); Gillet 1911a: 36 (complete list of species); Blackwelder 1944: 203 (list of species from Latin America); Medina et al. 2001: 136 (cited for Colombia); Ratcliffe 2002: 13 (list of species from Panama); Morón 2003: 30 (redescription); Hamel-Leigue et al. 2006: 14 (list of species from Bolivia); Ratcliffe et al. 2015: 195 (cited for Peru).

Deltochilum (Eudactyles) mexicanum : Paulian 1939: 9 (characters in key), 18 (redescription); Balthasar 1941: 345 (cited for Peru); Islas 1942: 334 (cited for Mexico); Balthasar 1951: 330 (cited for Peru).

Deltochilum (Calhyboma) mexicanum : Pereira and D’Andretta 1955a: 9 (characters in key), 44 (redescription); Vulcano and Pereira 1964: 642 (catalog of species, distribution); Vulcano and Pereira 1967: 556 (characters in key); Howden and Young 1981: 36 (characters in key), 37 (redescription); Medina et al. 2003: 65 (distribution); González et al. 2009: 258 (characters in key), 264 (redescription); Carvajal et al. 2011: 316-317 (cited for Ecuador); Krajcik 2012: 88 (complete list of species); Solís and Kohlmann 2012: 4 (list of species from Costa Rica); Chamorro et al. 2018: 94 (cited for Ecuador).

Deltochilum burmeisteri Harold, 1867d: 76 (original description); Gemminger and Harold 1869: 995 (list, distribution, cited as Deltochilum Burmeisteri ); Harold 1880a: 17 (cited for Colombia, cited as D. Burmeisteri ); Shipp 1897: 195 (cited as type of Calhyboma Kolbe); Gillet 1911a: 35 (complete list of species, cited as D. Burmeisteri ); Paulian 1939: 19 (synonym of Deltochilum mexicanum Burmeister); Blackwelder 1944: 202 (list of species for Latin America); Lane 1946: 173 (cited as synonym of D. mexicanum Burmeister); Pereira and D’Andretta 1955a: 44 (cited as synonym of D. mexicanum Burmeister); Pereira and Martínez 1956a: 122 (cited as synonym of D. mexicanum Burmeister); Carvajal et al. 2011: 316-317 (cited for Ecuador); Ratcliffe et al. 2015: 195 (cited for Peru).

Type specimens.

Deltochilum mexicanum Burmeister, 1848. One syntype examined deposited in the MLUH. Lectotype to be designated in a future work on this species group.

Deltochilum burmeisteri Harold, 1867. Two syntypes examined deposited at the MNHN. Lectotype to be designated in a future work on this species group.


Belize, Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, and Peru.

Literature records.

GUAYAS: Bucay ( Pereira and D’Andretta 1955a: 44). PICHINCHA: Quito ( Paulian 1939: 19).

Temporal data.

It is not known when this species was collected.


Inhabits coastal evergreen foothill forests. Paulian (1939) cited this species from Quito; however, among the scientific collections we visited, we did not find any specimen collected in this locality. The collection method is unknown.