Remotomyia Londt, 1983,

Torsten Dikow & Jason G. H. Londt, 2000, A review of the genera Anasillomos Londt, 1983, Oratostylum Ricardo, 1925, and Remotomyia Londt, 1983, with description of a new genus and two new species (Diptera: Asilidae: Stenopogoninae), Ann. Natal Mus. 41, pp. 107-121: 116-117

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Remotomyia Londt, 1983


Remotomyia Londt, 1983 

Remotomyia Londt, 1983  : 301; Type species: Daspletis albosetatus Hull, 1967  : 240-241, by original designation.

Generic diagnosis (based on the original by Londt 1983):

Antennal style composed of 3 elements (2 segments and a terminal seta-like sensory element); postpedicel cylindrical or clubbed and longer than scape and pedicel combined; palpi short, less than half as long as proboscis (except in longipalpus  which has long palpi); facial swelling moderately pronounced on lower margin and weak in upper part; proepisternal setae weak; pronotum and postpronotal lobe with strong macrosetae; dorsocentral setae poorly or well developed anterior to transverse suture; cells r 5 and m 3 closed and stalked or open; terga with median stripe apparently free of setae, laterally situated setae directed posterolaterally; T6-7 of ♀ with setae moderately to strongly developed and directed anteriorly (directed posteriorly on T1-5).

Key to Remotomyia species

1 Palpal segment two exceptionally long, longer than segment one and projecting beyond lower facial margin; cell m 3 open . . . longipalpus Londt 

- Palpal segment two short, shorter than segment one and not projecting beyond lower facial margin; cell m 3 closed and stalked . . . 2

2 Dorsocentral setae not occurring anterior to transverse suture, 3-4 pairs posterior to transverse suture; abdomen not markedly projecting beyond tip of wings; cell r 5 closed . . . brunales Londt 

- Distinct dorsocentral setae anterior to transverse suture; abdomen always projecting beyond tip of wings; cell r 5 open or closed . . . 3

3 Dorsocentral setae strongly developed from posterior to anterior margin of mesonotum; cell r 5 closed . . . albosetatus (Hull) 

- Dorsocentral setae with only 3-5 pairs anterior to transverse suture; cell r 5 open . . . penrithae Londt