Aceria cardaminesbellidifoliae,

Monfreda, Rosita & Lillo, Enrico De, 2012, Eriophyoid mites (Acari: Eriophyoidea) on Brassicaceae: a new species of Metaculus from Turkey and remarks on other species associated with brassicaceous plants, Zootaxa 3154, pp. 47-60: 54

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Aceria cardaminesbellidifoliae


2. Aceria cardaminesbellidifoliae  ( Liro 1940)

Liro 1940 — Ann. Zool. Soc. Zool. Bot. Fenn. Vanamo, 8 (1): 7–9, figs 5 (schematic drawing) – 6 (symptoms).

Type data. Cardamine bellidifolia  L., alpine bitter cress; Saana, Lapponia enontekiöensis, Finland.

General distribution. Palaearctic (only Finland).

Relation to the host. Upward rolling of the leaf margin giving the lamina a narrow and distorted appearance; the plant remains sterile.

Remarks. Roivainen (1950) set A. cardaminesbellidifoliae  as a synonym of A. drabae  and this was underlined again by Liro & Roivainen (1951). The mite described by Liro is provided with complete median and admedian lines, granules on the lateral sides of the prodorsal shield while no granules were depicted in the median field. Amrine & Stasny (1994) elevated this name to the rank of species but they were doubtful about the real taxonomic status of A. cardaminisbellidifoliae  . Without any further details allowing to clearly characterise this species, its synonymy with A. drabae  was continued in the Fauna Europaea checklist (de Lillo 2004).