Aceria cardaminis,

Monfreda, Rosita & Lillo, Enrico De, 2012, Eriophyoid mites (Acari: Eriophyoidea) on Brassicaceae: a new species of Metaculus from Turkey and remarks on other species associated with brassicaceous plants, Zootaxa 3154, pp. 47-60: 55

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Aceria cardaminis


3. Aceria cardaminis  ( Cotte 1912)

Cotte 1912 — Bull. Soc. Philomathique, Paris, ser. X, Tome IV(3): 129.

Type data. Cardamine hirsuta  L., hairy bitter cress; Mazargues, vallon de Passe-Temps, Marseille, France.

General distribution. Palaearctic (only France).

Relation to the host. The mite affects flowers which become twisted and virescent. Leaves develop abundant hairs with folded borders, turning red.

Remarks. This species was named by Cotte (1912) as a variety of A. drabae  . It was missed by Davis et al. (1982) and Amrine and Stasny (1994), but it was elevated to species rank and reported in the Fauna Europaea by de Lillo (2004).