Goodenia cycnopotamica (F.Muell.) K.A.Sheph.,

Shepherd, Kelly A., Lepschi, Brendan J., Johnson, Eden A., Gardner, Andrew G., Sessa, Emily B. & Jabaily, Rachel S., 2020, The concluding chapter: recircumscription of Goodenia (Goodeniaceae) to include four allied genera with an updated infrageneric classification, PhytoKeys 152, pp. 27-104: 27

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Goodenia cycnopotamica (F.Muell.) K.A.Sheph.

comb. nov.

Goodenia cycnopotamica (F.Muell.) K.A.Sheph.  comb. nov.

Velleia cycnopotamica  F.Muell., Fragm. 6: 7. 1867 - Lectotype (designated by Carolin, Proc. Linn. Soc. New South Wales 92(1): 41 (1967): Australia. Western Australia. Without precise locality, s. dat., J.Drummond 410 (MEL 9798 [image!]; isolectotypes: G 00355707 [image!], P 00689747 [image!], P 00698811 [image!])).


Carolin (1967c) cited the type of the name Velleia cycnopotamica  F.Muell. as " Holotype - Ad flumen cygnorum. Drummond no. 410 (MEL 9798) - Isotypes - (P.G)." This is here treated as effective lectotypification by Carolin. As Carolin’s citation meets the relevant requirements of ICN Art. 7.11, his use of the terms “holotype” and “isotype” is correctable under ICN Art. 9.10.