Cryptops parisi rhenanus Verhoeff, 1931,

Lewis, John G. E., 2011, A review of the species in the genus Cryptops Leach, 1815 from the Old World related to Cryptops (Cryptops) hortensis (Donovan, 1810) (Chilopoda, Scolopendromorpha, International Journal of Myriapodology 4, pp. 11-50: 29

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Cryptops parisi rhenanus Verhoeff, 1931


Cryptops parisi rhenanus Verhoeff, 1931 

Cryptops parisi genuinus  var. rhenanus Verhoeff, 1931 Zool. Jb. (Syst.) 62: 274 (in key only).

Cryptops parisi rhenanus  : Verhoeff, 1934 Zool. Jb. (Syst.) 66: 48.


Verhoeff (1931) distinguished two varieties of what he termed Cryptops parisi genuinus  namely var. parisi and var. rhenanus. His var. rhenanus would appear to be a trinomen and as such, being an infrasubspecific category, would be an unavailable name and is listed as such by Minelli (2006). I believe, however, that Verhoeff was using “genuinus” to indicate a typical Cryptops parisi  differentiating it from his Cryptops parisi  subsp. transsilvanius Verhoeff, 1931. Presumably using the term for taxa with more distinguishing features than his varieties. In a later paper ( Verhoeff 1934) he refers Cryptops parisi rhenanus  i.e. to what would now be considered a subspecies.

Characterised mainly by the poison gland pore tube reaching almost to the base of the trochanteroprefemur as opposed to about the middle. Probably individual variation and regarded here as a junior subjective synonym of Cryptops parisi parisi  . Locality not given but rhenanus means from the banks of the river Rhine.