Laccosmylus calophlebius Ren & Yin, 2003

Fang, Hui, Ren, Dong, Liu, Jiaxi & Wang, Yongjie, 2018, Revision of the lacewing genus Laccosmylus with two new species from the Middle Jurassic of China (Insecta, Neuroptera, Saucrosmylidae), ZooKeys 790, pp. 115-126: 118

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Laccosmylus calophlebius Ren & Yin, 2003


Laccosmylus calophlebius Ren & Yin, 2003  Figure 1

Emended diagnosis.

Hind wing with many hyaline patch-like markings and mottled with some irregular pigmented patch-like markings, and the costal region with intermittent marking; outer margin undulant. RA-RP area expanded with 6-7 rows of irregular cells. One or two rows of cells present among RP branches and MA-CuA area.

Re-description of holotype and description of new material.

Hind wing length approx. 70 mm, width approx. 35 mm. Costal veinlets distally forked, interlinked by 6-7 rows of smaller veinlets. ScP fused with RA apically. RP with 5 main branches before RP sharply bent towards RA anteriorly. MA forked at 1/3 part of hind wing or forked terminally (Figure 1). The first branch of MP forming several dichotomous branches terminally, the second branch of MP with multiple pectinate branches terminally. CuA forming a large triangular area, with numerous oblique pectinate branches. CuP much shorter than CuA, with approx. 8 branches. AA1 and AA2 with several pectinate branches, AA3 short and simple.

Material examined.

Holotype: CNU-NEU-NN99003, only hind wing preserved. New material: CNU-NEU-NN2018006P/C, only hind wing preserved. These specimens are deposited in the Key Laboratory of Insect Evolution and Environmental Changes, College of Life Sciences, Capital Normal University, Beijing, China.

Type locality and horizon.

Jiulongshan Formation, Daohugou locality (41°18.5'N, 119°13'E (DDM)), Shantou Township, Ningcheng County, Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia, China; Middle Jurassic, Bathonian-Callovian boundary.


The new material CNU-NEU-NN2018006P/C evidently belongs to the L. calophlebius  Ren & Yin, 2003 according to the same hind wing shape, marking and venation. This species was first erected based on only one specimen with a hind wing. Moreover, at that time, this species was the representative with generic diagnosis for the Laccosmylus  , which led some unilateral diagnosis of the genus and species. Here, the MA in the new specimen shows the previous diagnosis of L. calophlebius  with MA early branching needs to be changed. In addition, individual differences might have happened frequently in Saucrosmylidae  , which has multiple venation.