Aclogryllus Gorochov, 2009 n

Silva, Lúciene Gimaque Da, Martins, Luciano De Pinho, Pereira, Marcelo Ribeiro & Henriques, Augusto Loureiro, 2018, A new status for Aclogryllus Gorochov, 2009 (Phalangopsidae; Phalangopsinae; Paragryllini) with a new species from Brazilian Amazon, Zootaxa 4433 (1), pp. 101-110: 102

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Aclogryllus Gorochov, 2009 n


Aclogryllus Gorochov, 2009 n  . stat.

Type species: Aclogryllus crybelos ( Nischk & Otte, 2000)  n. comb.

Emended Diagnosis. (i) supranal plate without evident specializations ( Fig. 4H View Figure ); (ii) tibia III with first internal apical spur non-dilated ( Fig. 1F View Figure , black arrow); (iii) male genitalia with narrow sclerotizations of anterior part of mold of spermatophore attachment ( Fig. 2A, B, D, E View Figure : m); (iv) very long guiding rod and lateral arms of epiphallus (half of genitalia length) ( Fig. 2A, B, D, E View Figure : g), and clearly shortened endoparameral apodemes ( Fig. 2A, B, D, E View Figure : en.a) and ramus ( Fig. 2A–F View Figure : r).