Thaumaspis? siccifolii (Karny, 1922)

Wang, Hanqiang, Liu, Xianwei & Li, Kai, 2014, A synoptic review of the genus Thaumaspis Bolivar (Orthoptera, Tettigoniidae, Meconematinae) with the description of a new genus and four new species, ZooKeys 443, pp. 11-33: 14

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Thaumaspis? siccifolii (Karny, 1922)


Taxon classification Animalia Orthoptera Tettigoniidae

2. Thaumaspis? siccifolii (Karny, 1922)  Figs 7-11

Cecidophaga siccifolii  : Karny 1922: 299, fig. 3.

Thaumaspis siccifolii  : Karny 1924: 135, figs 54 a– f; Beier 1966: 280.

Thaumaspis (Thaumaspis) siccifolii  : Otte 1997: 98.


Head hypognathous. Male 10th abdominal tergite transverse, middle lobe divided into 2 finger-shaped apices (Fig. 8). Cerci extremely incurved, ventral base and subapex widened (Fig. 9). Subgenital fig almost trapezoidal. Female subgenital fig almost circular (Fig. 10).


Body olive-green, eyes darkish, antennae with dark rings.


(length in mm) Body, ♂8.0, ♀8.5-9.5; pronotum, ♂3.0, ♀2.5; tegmina, ♂♀3.0; hind femora, ♂♀8.0-8.5; ovipositor, ♀5.5-6.0.


The general features of this species ally to Cecidophagula  , such as characters of head and wings. Actually, it had been described as a Cecidophagula  originally before Karny assigned it to Thaumaspis  in consideration of the single process of genital segments. Gorochov excluded this species in his study (1993, 1998). Since we are unable to examine type material we still leave it in Thaumaspis  .