Seneciobraconinae Engel & Huang

Engel, Michael S., Huang, Diying, Cai, Chenyang & Alqarni, Abdulaziz S., 2018, A new lineage of braconid wasps in Burmese Cenomanian amber (Hymenoptera, Braconidae), ZooKeys 730, pp. 75-86: 77

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Seneciobraconinae Engel & Huang

subfam. n.

Seneciobraconinae Engel & Huang  subfam. n.

Type genus.

Seneciobracon  Engel and Huang, gen. n.


Head orthognathous, cyclostome; clypeus shorter than wide, protruding; hypoclypeal depression deep (Fig. 2A); mandibles short, about as long as compound eye width; antenna filiform, with 19 flagellomeres; flagellum with sparse multiporous plate sensilla; occipital carina present but incomplete, present and strong only near mandible, otherwise effaced; compound eyes without ocular setae. Pronotal collar distinct; notauli deeply impressed, percurrent, simple, not meeting posteromedially; mesoscutal lateral areas swollen, smooth; mesoscutellum slightly raised relative to surface of mesoscutum; epicnemial carina present; postpectal carina absent; precoxal sulcus absent. Forewing (Figs 1A, 2B) with short, narrow costal cell, otherwise C+Sc+R fused along length; 1Rs exceedingly short, forming straight line with 1M; rs-m present, nebulous (i.e., two closed submarginal cells); 1m-cu meeting first submarginal cell (thus Rs+M divided into long 1Rs+M and short 2Rs+M); 2m-cu absent; 1cu-a postfurcal; 2cu-a absent; stubs of 1a and 2a absent. Hind wing (Fig. 2C) with sc+r-m lacking bulla, much shorter than 1M; m-cu absent; bulla present between 1A and apex of 1Cu; 2Cu absent. Metasomal tergum I apparently without dorsope; ovipositor elongate but slightly shorter than metasoma.