Dolichogenidea sp. 3

Fernandez-Triana, Jose, Buffam, Joel, Beaudin, Melanie, Davis, Hannah, Ana Fernandez-Galliano,, Griffin, Emily, Lin, Shang-Yao, , 2017, An annotated and illustrated checklist of Microgastrinae wasps (Hymenoptera, Braconidae) from the Canadian Arctic Archipelago and Greenland, ZooKeys 691, pp. 49-101: 57

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Dolichogenidea sp. 3


Dolichogenidea sp. 3  Fig. 11


NEA. Probably a High Arctic endemic.


Three male specimens from Victoria Island. Although male specimens are usually less informative in terms of the taxonomy of Microgastrinae  wasps, the studied specimens are very distinctive due to their very smooth propodeum and different shape and sculpture of mediotergites 1 and 2, as compared to the previous three species of Dolichogenidea  . Thus, we consider them as a separate species. No DNA sequences are available for this species.