Pachynematus clitellatus (Serville, 1823),

Liston, Andrew D., Knight, Guy T., Sheppard, David A., Broad, Gavin R. & Livermore, Laurence, 2014, Checklist of British and Irish Hymenoptera - Sawflies, ' Symphyta', Biodiversity Data Journal 2, pp. 1168-1168: 1168

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Pachynematus clitellatus (Serville, 1823)


Pachynematus clitellatus (Serville, 1823) 

Nematus clitellatus  Serville, 1823

Nematus trisignatus  ( Förster, 1854, Nematus  )

Pachynematus foveolatus  Konow, 1903

Pachynematus truncatus  Benson, 1948

Pachynematus extensicornis  (Norton, 1861): misident.


England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland


Taeger and Blank (1998) regard Pachynematus clitellatus  and Pachynematus fallax  as morphologically highly variable species, which together include most of the previously described W. Palaearctic taxa. Their arguments for this are well reasoned, but at present it seems prudent to continue to regard several of the more distinctive morphological segregates, treated as species by Benson (1958), as separate taxa, because morphologically intermediate specimens are rare (at least in the male sex). The taxonomy of the whole group requires further intensive work, including genetic analysis. According to Taeger and Blank (1998) Pachynematus kirbyi  , treated here as valid, is a synonym of Pachynematus clitellatus  .