Microplitis coactus (Lundbeck, 1896)

Fernandez-Triana, Jose, Buffam, Joel, Beaudin, Melanie, Davis, Hannah, Ana Fernandez-Galliano,, Griffin, Emily, Lin, Shang-Yao, , 2017, An annotated and illustrated checklist of Microgastrinae wasps (Hymenoptera, Braconidae) from the Canadian Arctic Archipelago and Greenland, ZooKeys 691, pp. 49-101: 61

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Microplitis coactus (Lundbeck, 1896)


Microplitis coactus (Lundbeck, 1896)  Figs 24, 25, 26, 27




A total of 35 specimens from Devon and Ellesmere Islands, as well as Greenland. The Canadian specimens match the available descriptions provided by Papp (1984) and van Achterberg (2006), but the metafemur is not as thick as mentioned for the Greenlandic and Icelandic specimens. However, all the other morphological characters mentioned by those authors agree with the specimens from the CAA, so for the time being, we are considering them all to be conspecific. One female specimen from Devon Island and one male specimen from Ellesmere Island (voucher codes MIC 000313 & MIC 000315) have mini barcodes (114-144 base pairs), although they differ rather substantially (by seven base pairs) and it is not sufficient to unambiguously place these specimens within other sequences of Microplitis  in BOLD. Hosts: Noctua  sp. ( Noctuidae  ).