Crematogaster mancocapaci

Longino, J. T., 2003, The Crematogaster (Hymenoptera, Formicidae, Myrmicinae) of Costa Rica., Zootaxa 151, pp. 1-150: 132

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Crematogaster mancocapaci


Crematogaster mancocapaci  HNS  NEW STATUS

Crematogaster brevispinosa  HNS  [misspelled here as brevispina  HNS  ] st. mancocapaci Santschi  HNS  , 1911:280 [Also described as new by Santschi, 1913:38.]. Syntype worker, queen, male: Ecuador, Chillacocha, 3900m , 1905 (Rivet) [ NHMB, MHNG]  (examined). Emery, 1922:134: combination in C. (Orthocrema)  HNS  .

This is a distinctive species, perhaps near crucis  HNS  . Workers are as large or larger than limata  HNS  , with long flexuous setae, but the setae are sparse, a pair on the face, a few pairs on the mesosoma; fourth abdominal tergite covered with long, sparse, fully appressed pubescence, such that if it were suberect and more dense it would be like crucis  HNS  ; the propodeal spines are similarly short and upturned, and there is a strong anteroventral petiolar tooth; antenna with 3-segmented club; postpetiole broad and slightly sulcate.


Switzerland, Basel, Naturhistorisches Museum


Switzerland, Geneva, Museum d'Histoire Naturelle