Scymnus (Scymnus) contortubus Rashid, Chen & Wang

Rashid, Azad, Chen, Xiaosheng, Qiu, Baoli & Wang, Xingmin, 2017, A new species of the subgenus Scymnus from Pakistan (Coleoptera, Coccinellidae), ZooKeys 694, pp. 31-39: 33-34

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Scymnus (Scymnus) contortubus Rashid, Chen & Wang

sp. n.

Scymnus (Scymnus) contortubus Rashid, Chen & Wang  sp. n. Figs 1, 2


The species name is derived from Latin (contortum = twisted and tubus = tube) referring to a curved, tube-like apex of penis.


This species is separated by the presence of a stout penis with a curved apex (Fig. 2d) and parameres with long, dense setae on both the apex and inner side (Fig. 2 f–g). In S. (S..) nubilus  , the most similar congener, penis is slender (Fig. 3e) and parameres have sparse long setae only at apices (Fig. 3 g–h).


TL: 1.8 mm, TW: 1.3 mm, TH: 0.7 mm, HW: 0.6 mm, TL/TW: 1.38, PL/PW: 0.33, EL/ EW: 1.07.

Body oval, distinctly convex, dorsum with dense white pubescence. Head brown with black vertex. Antennae and mouthparts brown. Pronotum black with lateral margins reddish brown. Elytra reddish brown with broad black U-shaped sutural stripe, extending 5/6 length of elytral suture (Fig. 2 a–c). Lateral margins of elytra coarsely punctate. Prothoracic hypomeron reddish brown. Prosternum, mesoventrite, and metaventrite black. Elytral epipleuron yellowish brown with both margins black. Legs reddish brown.

Head small, width 0.66 times of pronotal width (HW/PW= 0.6/0.9). Head with fine punctures, same size as eye facets, separated by 0.5-1.0 diameters (Fig. 2b). Eyes densely faceted, with dense hairs, interocular distance 0.47 times head width. Pronotum width 0.69 times of elytral width (PW/EW=0.9/1.3), pronotal punctures sparse, slightly coarser than those on head, 1.0-2.0 diameters apart. Elytral punctures coarse, separated by 2.0-4.0 diameters. Prosternal carinae distinct extending to anterior margin and slightly converging anteriorly. Prosternal process T-shaped, twice as long as its width at base. Abdominal postcoxal lines incomplete, extending to 6/7 length of ventrite and slightly recurved toward base of ventrite; area surrounding postcoxal line with dense granular punctures, distributed unevenly (Fig. 2e).

Male genitalia: Penis stout (Fig. 2d). Penis capsule with long inner process and short dilated outer one. Apex of penis strongly recurved towards inner side with thread-like appendage. Tegmen stout, with penis guide parallel-sided from base to nearly half length, tapering gradually to a blunt apex in ventral view. In lateral view, penis guide with sides parallel at basal 2/3, then abruptly constricted to pointed apex. Parameres stout; slightly longer than penis guide, with dense, long setae on apical and inner margins (Fig. 2 f–g).

Female genitalia: Coxites elongate triangular, 2.5 times as long as wide, tapering to blunt apices, each with long terminal setae (Fig. 2h); infundibulum present; spermatheca C-shaped (Fig. 2i).


Holotype, Male, PAKISTAN: (Kashmir). Arja Mountains, No. SCAU (E) 16579, [N33°57 27.80, E073°39 54.04"], ca. 940 m, 28.X.2015, Huo LZ leg; Paratypes: (86) 2♂1♀, same data as holotype; 8♂1♀ Rawalakot, [N33°52 07.93", E073°43 46.49"] ca. 1668 m; 28.X.2015, Huo LZ leg; 12♂ 10♀ Mirpur, [N33°28 23.07", E073°52 57.94"] ca. 500-610 m, 26.X.2015; Huo LZ leg; (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) 5♂ 5♀, Balakot, [N34°33 27.62", E073°21 25.08"] ca. 1093 m; 15.X.2015; Wang XM leg; 1♂ Birote, [N34°03 27.54", E073°30 00.32"] ca. 789 m; 13.X.2015; Wang XM leg; 4♂ 2♀ Arab khan, [N34°25 20.73", E073°18 44.21"] ca. 104 m; 16.X.2015; Wang XM leg; 5♂ 6♀ Shung, [N34°52 31.52", E072°54 12.46"] ca. 656 m; 17.X.2015; Wang XM leg; 9♂ ♀7 Parehna, [N34°21 32.17", E073°04 53.75"] ca. 775 m; 19.X.2015; Wang XM leg; 1♂ 1♀ Paras, [N34°39 23.53", E073°30 13.91"] ca. 1364 m; 15.X.2015; Wang XM leg; (Punjab) 1♂ 2♀ Salgran, [N33°49, 33.96", E073°17 09.48"] ca. 857 m; 13.X.2015; Wang XM leg; 2♂ 1♀ Gokina [N33°46, 03.26", E073°04 37.78"] ca. 1090 m; 11.X.2015; Wang XM leg.


Pakistan (Kashmir, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab).