Craspedophorus strachani bamendanus,

Häckel, Martin, 2017, A contribution to the knowledge of the subfamily Panagaeinae Hope, 1838 from Africa. Part 3. Revision of the Craspedophorus strachani and C. brevicollis groups (Coleoptera: Carabidae), Zootaxa 4330 (1), pp. 1-67: 25

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Craspedophorus strachani bamendanus

n. ssp.

16b. Craspedophorus strachani bamendanus  n. ssp.

( Plate 2View PLATE 2, Figs 10, 11, Plate 12View PLATE 12, Fig. 94)

Type locality. “Bamenda, Cameroun, Nord-Ouest [= Cameroon, Northwest]”.

Type material. Holotype (♂): “ Cameroun. Province du / Nord-Ouest. Bamenda. / 17. IV. 2009 ” ( Plate 2View PLATE 2, Fig. 10, Plate 12View PLATE 12, Fig. 94, NMPC). Paratype: 1♀ same labeled as holotype ( Plate 2View PLATE 2, Fig. 11, cDM).

Description of holotype. Length 22.5 mm, width 8.8 mm. Head and pronotum same as in C. strachani strachani  , elytra weakly more prolonged and flatter, elytral colouration distinctly different with maculae darker, humeral macula more transverse, more regularly bordered (less denticulated), wider—reaching from IV to VIII interval, resembling that in C. tetrastigma ( Chaudoir, 1850)  . Aedeagus seems the same as in other subspecies of C. strachani  ( Plate 12View PLATE 12, Figs. 91–94).

Distribution. Northwestern Cameroon, known only from the type lokality.


National Museum Prague