Linepithema neotropicum

Escárraga, Mayron & Guerrero, Roberto J., 2016, The ant genus Linepithema (Formicidae: Dolichoderinae) in Colombia, Zootaxa 4208 (5), pp. 446-458: 454

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Linepithema neotropicum


Linepithema neotropicum 

Distribution. Linepithema neotropicum  is a species with a broad altitudinal distribution and varied habitat occupancy. It ranges from 260 to 2600 m altitude, with most of the records corresponding to high altitudes in the Central region of the country, but it was also found in plains to the East and near the Amazonas forest to the South. It was previously recorded in the departments of Huila, La Guajira, Meta, Tolima and Valle del Cauca ( Mera et al. 2010; Ramirez et al. 2010); here we expand distributional records to the departments of Antioquia, Boyacá, Caldas, Caquetá, Cauca, Magdalena, Nariño, Quindío, and Vichada ( Fig. 4View FIGURE 4).

Biology. Linepithema neotropicum  was captured with different sampling methods (pitfall, entomological net, Malaise trap, Winkler trap, and beating tray) suggesting variable habits. Some specimen records are from paddocks. In other collections, this species was attracted to human excrement.

Examined material. ANTIOQUÍA: Sonsón , Quebrada la Violeta, 1000 m (IAvH); Medellín, Campus Unal, 1561m  . BOYACÁ: Sogamoso, Vda. Moniquirá, Pie de Cuesta , 2455 m ( SCB); SFF Iguaque, Cabaña Chaina, 2600 m (IAvH)  . CALDAS: Aguadas, Cañón Rio Arma , 1995 m (IAvH); Aguadas, La Playa, 1610 m (IAvH)  . CAQUETÁ: Belén de los Andaquíes, (MUSENUV); Balcanes, (MUSENUV)  . HUILA: Garzón, Vda. el Espinal, (IAavH)  . MAGDALENA: PNN Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, El Ramo , 2500 m (IAvH); PNN Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, San Pablo-San Pedro, 755 m, (IAvH)  . META: PNN Sierra de la Macarena, Caño Curía , 460 m (IAvH)  ; 493 m, (IAvH). NARIÑO: RN La Planada, 1850 m, (IAvH)  . QUINDÍO: Alcalá, Los Guayabos , 1054m, (MUSENUV); Buenavista, Vda. El Infierno, Fca. Guadalajara, 1160 m, (IAvH); Calarcá, Vda. Pradera Baja, 1575 m, (IAvH); Calarcá, Vda. Santo Domingo, 1580 m, (IAvH); Circasia, Vda. Buenavista, Fca. Calamar, 1450 m, (IAvH); Génova, Vda. el Cedral, Fca  . Buenos Aires, 1600 m, (IAvH); Génova, Vda. el Cedral, Fca. Venecia, 1800 m (IAvH); Génova, Vda. el Dorado, 1500 m, (IAvH); Génova, Vda. el Dorado, 1800 m, (IAvH); Génova, Vda. el Dorado, 1600 m, (IAvH); Montenegro  , La Pampa, 1185 m, (MUSENUV); Quimbaya, Vda. el Laurel, Fca. Balmoral, 1200 m, (IAvH)  . TOLIMA: Fresno , 1508 m, (IAvH)  . VALLE DEL CAUCA: El Cairo, Vda  . Buenos aires, Fca. el Pital, 1380 m, (IAvH); PNN Los Farallones de Cali, Anchicaya, 650 m, (IAvH)  . VICHADA: Cumaribo, Selva de Matavén , 260 m, (IAvH). 


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