Linepithema gallardoi

Escárraga, Mayron & Guerrero, Roberto J., 2016, The ant genus Linepithema (Formicidae: Dolichoderinae) in Colombia, Zootaxa 4208 (5), pp. 446-458: 450

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Linepithema gallardoi


Linepithema gallardoi 

Distribution. Linepithema gallardoi  occurs mostly in the Central region of Colombia over 1000 m (1054 to 2600 m). It was previously recorded in the departments of Boyacá, Cundinamarca, Magdalena, Risaralda and Valle del Cauca ( Wild 2007); herein we expand the geographical distribution to the departments of Caldas and Quindío ( Fig. 4View FIGURE 4).

Biology. In Colombia, L. gallardoi  occurs in high altitude localities. In the department of Caldas, the specimens were collected with pitfall traps near live fences. Workers from Boyacá were collected with Malaise trap, perhaps while foraging.

Examined material. BOYACÁ: SFF Iguaque , 2450 m (IAvH); SFF Iguaque, 2600 m (IAvH)  . CALDAS: Aranzazu , Vda. Chupaderos, Fca. Alegrias, 1960 m (IAvH); Aranzazu, Vda. Chupaderos, Fca. Alegrias, 1960 m (IAvH)  . QUINDÍO: Alcalá, Los Guayabos , 1054 m (MUSENUV).