Linepithema iniquum

Escárraga, Mayron & Guerrero, Roberto J., 2016, The ant genus Linepithema (Formicidae: Dolichoderinae) in Colombia, Zootaxa 4208 (5), pp. 446-458: 453

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Linepithema iniquum


Linepithema iniquum 

Distribution. Linepithema iniquum  was recorded over 940 m (940–1995 m) with most of the records from the central region of the country in the Andean mountain system and in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. This species was previously reported in the departments of Antioquia, Cundinamarca, La Guajira, Quindío, Risaralda and Valle del Cauca ( Wild 2007; Vergara-Navarro & Serna 2013). Here we expand the distribution records to the departments of Caldas and Magdalena ( Fig. 4View FIGURE 4).

Biology. Linepithema iniquum  is an arboreal ant that prefers high altitude places. In some localities, this species was collected in coffee crops and trees. In one collection from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, sector San Pedro de la Sierra, this species was found nesting inside a stick on the leaf litter along with an unidentified Pheidole  . In the stick, larvae and pupae of both species were found, in addition to L. iniquum  males. In the laboratory, the L. iniquum  workers seemed to feign death (thanatosis) when threatened. Food chambers were observed, containing the heads and bodies of insects such as bees ( Halictidae  ) and flies (Diptera).

Examined material. CALDAS: Aranzazu, Vda. Buenavista, Fca. La Palma, 2025 m (IAvH); de Aranzazu, Vda. la Guaira, Fca. Alto Bonito, 2056 m (IAvH); de Aguadas, Cañon río Arma , 1995 m (IAvH); de Salamina, Vda. la Aurora, Fca. el Porvenir, 1805 m (IAvH)  . MAGDALENA: Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, San Lorenzo , 1495 m (CCBUMAG); Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, San Pedro de la Sierra, 1194 m (CCBUMAG)  . QUINDIO: Alcalá, Lusitania , 1215 m (MUSENUV); Calarcá, Vda. Pradera Baja, 1575 m (IAvH); Genova, Vda. el Cedral, Fca. Venecia, 1800 m (IAvH); Pijao, Vda. la Playa, 1800 m (IAvH)  . RISARALDA: Apia, 1470 m (IAvH); La Virginia, 940 m (MUSENUV); Pueblo Rico, Santa Cecilia , 2430 m ( ICN)  . VALLE DEL CAUCA: Cali , Bosque el Saladito, 1650 m (IAvH); El Cerrito, Fca. el Hatico, 980 m (MUSENUV). 


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